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The Drum kit

1 Bass drum | 2 Floor tom | 3 Snare drum
4 Tom-toms | 5 Hi-hat | 6 Crash and Ride cymbals

Introduction edit

Welcome to the Wikiversity School of the Drum set.

Drumming is an amazing form of art. It is an art that emphasizes tempo and style in virtually any musical genre. This class is dedicated to helping you experience the exciting world of percussion. Drumming is the heartbeat of so many different types of music. Looking for rhythmic notation, dynamics, technique, styles, instruments and more? This is the place to be!

Description edit

The Drumset is a set of drums, tom-toms, snare, bass drum, and a series of cymbals, that is commonly found in popular music dating back to the 1920s. It is most commonly played with a pair of drumsticks.

Additional Resources edit

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