Basic Blues & Rock

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Welcome to the Wikiversity Rock & Blues Garage, part of the School of Music and home of the Garage Band. Get ready to Rock!

Department description edit

Participants study the basic Blues patterns, the elements of Rock & Roll, Hard Rock, Headbanging, Jamming, Establishing a Groove, and other Garage Band traditions.

Department news edit

  • Friday 13 October 2006 - Department founded!
  • 02:02, 13 February 2007 (UTC) - Guitar lessons being recorded ... tune your IRC client to #wikiversity-en for details in real time.

Learning Projects edit

See: Learning Projects and the Wikiversity:Learning model.

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Learning materials and learning projects are located in the main Wikiversity namespace. Simply make a link to the name of the learning project (learning projects are independent pages in the main namespace) and start writing!

We're going to be using learning project template, ({{subst:Template:Learning project}}) to build our new:

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Lessons edit

Remember, Wikiversity has adopted the "learning by doing" model for education. Lessons should center on learning activities for Wikiversity participants. We learn by doing.

Sessions edit

We're going to customize Learning project codes, by adding "sessions":

These will probably be made from templates of some sort that work through a w:Tablature system that we'll have to come up with. The current session will be in the section Garage below and on Topic talk:Basic Blues & Rock.

If everything goes according to plan, we should be able to produce actual audio files. See The Future: Native Firefox ogg Support and Internet Audio and Video.

Garage edit

Sweeping the garage... chill for a bit

Meanwhile, you can read Introduction to GarageBand

To do edit

Lots of things to do

See: Naming conventions

Chores edit

Wikiversity is really new and plenty of mundane chores need to be done:

Lists edit

We need a list of lists:

  1. genres
  2. instruments
  3. artists
  4. ...

We can draw on Wikipedia for most all of this but we need to decide what to include in the Wikiversity main namespace.

Active participants edit

Active participants in this Learning Group

The histories of Wikiversity pages indicate who the active participants are. Please introduce yourself fully under a new section (use + and your username as a heading) at Topic talk:Basic Blues & Rock and enroll below.

Enrolled edit

  1. CQ • no subpage yet
  2. Ex Machina • no subpage yet
  3. Mirwin Music SubpageUser:Mirwin/musical_activities
  4. TheVividDream • no subpage yet
  5. Thierry613

User subpages edit

We're going to make this section a bit more accomodating to the Musician ego. We would like to ask participants to create a subpage to their userpage with a format that includes links to instrument you play (or want to learn) – Guitar, Bass, Drums, Saxophone, etc. Instrument articles should be in the main namespace. If not create one!

You should also indicate styles and influences: w:Beatles, w:Pink Floyd, w:Electronica, w:Delta Blues, etc. If you have your own website, you can of course list that, too, but see the next section.

If you are a member of a Music or related WikiProject at Wikipedia, you can show that also.

Once we come up with a format, we'll do a template like {{MusicStudent}} or something. Meanwhile just introduce yourself on the talk page.

Someday, we may form the Wikiversity Gargage Band!

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These are mostly at Wikiversity:Sister projects (under the Wikimedia Foundation umbrella). Wikiversity resources should be listed above this section.

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These may be imported to Wikiversity later :

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Commons :

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Wikipedia :

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This section is not for linkspam! These should be links to relevant resources.

USE COMMON SENSE!: If and only if you are enrolled above, you may include a link to your site below preceded by three tildes. If your sight has innapropriate content, obnoxious advertising ploys, or other crap, its link will be removed!