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  • Arrangement of dates (normally a Doodle poll) and the final invitations will take place on our public mailinglist; to subscribe see TAO/Communication.
  • In the time before the next meeting topics for the agenda are collected in an EtherPad. Have a look post your ideas following this link:
    • Before starting to edit please insert your Wikiversity username on the right.
    • Please add topics you want to discuss only if you are also going to join the meeting ;-)
    • During the actual meetings the agenda will be converted to the minutes, which afterwards will be transferred to a subpage of this page (see below).
    • You are heartly welcome to work on the minutes during the meeting, at least you should keep an eye on the Ether Pad during the discussion.

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2013 edit

How do older people get onto the Internet? How do they benefit from it? These questions were answered at a symposium in Bern which wrapped up the TAO project.

Under the banner of TAO, UNU-MERIT (research and training centre of the United Nations University and Maastricht University) organized an open international workshop for online senior communities in Maastricht, the Netherlands. New strategies to promote online senior communities were discussed.

How can we help people to use the Internet so it’s really useful for their everyday life? This was the central question discussed at the TAO Workshop in Ulm.

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