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Online Meeting in AdobeConnect from 1000 to 1200 (UTC+1).

Participants: Stijn Bannier, Beat Estermann, Simon Lüke, Markus Marquard, Andreas Roellinghoff

Wikiversity site / project: overview, further development edit

TAO project page: clarification on the 3 main sections representing different approaches.

  • Handbook
    • Creation of content for the handbook; "formalized", "distilled".
  • Learning and Research Activities
    • Information belonging to all kinds of activities can be gathered here; from Wikiversity-centered actions to simple documentation of results that emerged somewhere else within TAO in general.
    • can lead to contents for the handbook.
  • Community of Practice
    • people propagating the project, people interested in learning more about TAO issues, people ready to share their experiences in TAO relevant fields.

Working process edit

TAO/Activities + Production of TAO/Handbook: both sections may have different participants / stakeholders concentrating on just one or both aspects.

Beat suggests w:Design Thinking as method to approach the activities in Wikiversity. See TAO/Organizational issues.

Project plan edit

To be found in TAO/Project plan which shall be listing (table):

  • activities/topics/modules
  • short explanations
  • target groups
  • language in which the activity is done
  • time window
  • contact persons (e.g. for questions on the topic, ideas for restructuring, ...)

As agreed in the last meeting it should be

  • problem oriented,
  • on a persona approach.

Ideas for Learning and research activities (modules) edit

First step (until meeting in Bern): ramp up pages for the following modules and formulate precise questions.

Do not forget:

  • Evaluation process of the community activities (Design Thinking).
  • Use this upcomping phase to "identify and get to know the target groups" (involvement, interviews).
  • Silberwissen / silver knowledge (Markus)
    • starting point: evaluation report (for the advisory board), which is very theoretical.
    • tasks for this activity: bring in examples, make it more colourful and vivid.
    • next steps: invite the wikimedia referents and also maybe some seniors.
    • Wikimedia DE: main focus is now on multiplicating in Germany.
  • Introduction into TAO/Wikiversity CoP (Simon, Beat, Patrick Kenel?)
    • With help of the Wikipedia partners and Wikimedians
    • Guided tour / Overview
    • learning by doing
    • role model learning
    • reflect on first steps on Wikiversity; gather experiences
    • create meaningful content.
  • How to create learning and research modules (Andreas Ninck, Andreas R.)
    • technical stuff in Wikiversity + how to add content and new activities (modules) to Wikiversity
    • Process (cf. Design Thinking)
    • analogue to Andreas Ninck's work
  • Workshop "Do's and Don'ts regarding Volunteers" (Stijn, Kai)
    • + target groups
    • "Do you think, they want to put the results in Wikiversity?"
    • 1. step: push
      • create a resource / white paper: just have some guidelines or rules documented.
    • 2. step: pull
      • How to make it interactive?
      • How to associate further stakeholders?

Ideas for later on:

  • Target groups / language challenges
  • Introduction to the handbook
    • According to design thinking principle the current draft is enough right now.
  • Jon: "Preliminary study 60+ on online communities" (action research team)
    • This could give an outlook on the final product.
  • FFI - Freie Fahrt ins Internet
    • This needs more concretion.


  • regarding language
  • technical

Miscellaneous edit

  • Further guide lines, approach to participate: TAO/Participating
  • Media files (formats, ...): TAO/Media files and licenses
  • TAO-Logo: Licensing? cc-by-sa?
    • wait for answer from (Beat)
  • first images for the project (Simon)
    • Where to put? Commons? Specific project? -> Ask Wikimedians.
  • Licenses
    • Multiple options within Wikimedia. Suggestion: one actual recommendation (per media type). We should push what is recommended in WikimediaCommons, i.e. GFDL along with cc-by-sa-all. See Commons:Choosing_a_license

Next steps, dates, what to remember edit

Discussion at the meeting in Bern:

  • "Meta process" (Beat, Andreas N., Andreas R.)
  • Eventually: Show the Wikiversity project
  • Open questions:
    • How quickly do/can we involve participants?
    • SeniorKS / Grundtvig?

Mailinglist for the community who is / will be pushing the Wikiversity part of the project and / or the community of practice:

  • community@thirdageonline.eu (public mailinglist) (Beat)

Unresolved items from the notes of the last meeting on TAO/Meetings/2011-10-20:

  • Facebook (Page vs. Group)

Next meeting: online will take place after Bern