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Jimmy Wales Comments at Wikimania 2006 "..... the idea here is to also host learning communities, so people who are actually trying to learn, actually have a place to come and interact and help each other figure out how to learn things. We're also going to be hosting and fostering research into how these kinds of things can be used more effectively." (source)

Wikiversity is the place for research into "all things wiki" and the Wikimedia Foundation wiki projects, in particular. This portal is a directory for Wikimedia Studies at Wikiversity.

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Wikipedia Ethics is a research and learning project which has its main focus on problems arising from the over a quarter-million biographies of living persons (BLPs) at Wikipedia. Many Wikipedia articles characterize people, organizations, events, and other aspects of human activity. It is easy for Wikipedia editors to make mistakes and enter false information. Sometimes Wikipedia editors spend years editing Wikipedia articles in an attempt to make sure that false and biased information stays out of Wikipedia. This can do real damage to human lives. The degree to which the content and practices of Wikimedia projects adhere to commonly recognized principles of ethics is what this project examines. Is Wikipedia "out of control"? What are the ethical implication for the Wikimedia Foundation when Wikipedia is hijacked by POV-pushers who derail the goals of Wikipedia?

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Portal:Wiki is the Wikiversity Portal about all things wiki. The portal has three pages. The first page is a directory of Wikiversity resources about MediaWiki, the software that is used to power all Wikimedia wikis. The second page has links to Wikiversity pages about the Wikimedia Foundation and the sister projects such as Wikipedia and Wikibooks. The third page is a guide to the Wikiversity learning resources that are about how to participate in the Wikiversity community.

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