Welcome to the Wikiversity Portal about all things wiki. This portal has three pages. This page is a directory of Wikiversity resources about MediaWiki, the software that is used to power all Wikimedia wikis. The second page has links to Wikiversity pages about the Wikimedia Foundation and the sister projects such as Wikipedia and Wikibooks. The third page is a guide to the Wikiversity learning resources that are about how to participate in the Wikiversity community.

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Wikiversity participants are developing learning resources about MediaWiki at these content development projects:
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MediaWiki Feature

In 2007 a video player became available that can show videos on wiki pages. Previously, an external video play utility had to be used to view video. In this video, Erik Möller talks about Wikiversity. (More about this video)

Featured project
  • Wikiversity participants can participate in "learn by doing" projects aimed at expanding the capabilities of the MediaWiki software. Participate at the LiquidThreads learning project and help bring threaded discussions to Wikiversity.
  • Learn how to make a "bot" that can be used at MediaWiki wiki websites. See: Pywikipediabot.

Lee Daniel Crocker started developing the software that became MediaWiki for use at Wikipedia. After the Wikimedia Foundation was established, the software was called "MediaWiki". MediaWiki uses PHP and MySQL.

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Learning resources
MediaWiki namespace

A fundamental feature of MediaWiki is its use of namespaces to organize wiki pages according to their function. The MediaWiki namespace contains special pages that allow custodians to modify the Wikiversity user interface. For example, the page MediaWiki:Revertpage holds the text that is used for edit summaries when the rollback tool is used. MediaWiki:Uploadtext generates the Wikiversity media file upload page. MediaWiki:Sidebar controls the links that appear in the side-bar "navigation" and "community" boxes. List of all pages in the MediaWiki namespace.

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