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Low Danish
Spoken inGermanic world
Native speakersunknown  (2018)e18
Language family
Writing systemLatin script:
Low Danish Alphabet,
International Low Danish alphabet.
Official status
Regulated byLoxdanš Team
Language codes
ISO 639-1lx
ISO 639-2lxd
ISO 639-3Template:Infobox language/codelist


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Welcome to the Department of Low Danish, the Unified Germanic Language, at Wikiversity, part of the Center for Foreign Language Learning and the School of Language Studies.

This language is under grammatical change.


Loxdanš is a recently created language which seeks to unify the Germanic communities of England, Germany, Netherlands, Scandinavia and The Northern Germanic communities.

Learning Loxdanš or Low Danish is also a way to know other Germanic languages easily without working on them seperately.

What is Low Danish?Edit

Low Danish is a Germanic conlang, inspired by English, German, Dutch and Danish, with minor Persian and Slavic inspiration. With it’s very simple grammar and lexicon, it is easy to learn it. Feel free to learn it, it can be useful at some point!

Low Danish is created by a team, called the Low Danish team. To communicate with the team, send a message to Hifnakia, as he is a member of the team.


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