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Sound Familiar?

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Narrative film production - Wikiversity Film School
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The basics of narrative filmmaking

This is almost a repeat of the first pop quiz:
  • What is your first mood? Why? - 2 points
  • What is your second mood for this movie? - 2 points

Please take this pop quiz!

The first and second moods?

The start of the movie says:

"An old and wise person and a young but curious person are outside a movie theater where they have just seen the movie "Star Wars".

Now they stand looking at the movie poster on the wall outside the theater."

1. When you read this, what moods will express these feelings?

2. The mood is created by music. Therefore, now we must look at the music for the opening of the movie.

Listen to the moods

Listen to the moods on the right. Then decide how you want to start this movie. What mood do you want the audience to feel?:

(Please explain why.)
(Please explain why.)

Moods created by music

Listen to these moods and decide which is the first mood and which is the second mood of the movie.

  1. Musical mood: Fanfare mystery.ogg
  2. Musical mood: Ending short.ogg
  3. Musical mood: Short bang.ogg
  4. Musical mood: Tension.ogg
  5. Musical mood: Long drama.ogg
  6. Musical mood: Bold 2.ogg
  7. Musical mood: Bold.ogg
  8. Musical mood: Mystery.ogg
  9. Musical mood: Awakening.ogg
  10. Musical mood: Ending long.ogg
  11. Musical mood: Bang long.ogg
  12. Musical mood: Attention long.ogg
  13. Musical mood: Attention.ogg

Other moods which will be useful for scoring your animatic

  1. Musical mood: Delicate thinking .ogg
  2. Musical mood: Delicate thinking softer.ogg
  3. Musical mood: Long serious thinking.ogg
  4. Musical mood: Short exclamation.ogg
  5. Musical mood: Short exclamation 2.ogg
  6. Musical mood: Trumpet call heavy.ogg
  7. Musical mood: Trumpet call light.ogg

These are OGG files which is a type of audio file. If you need help setting up your computer to play OGG files, go to Wikipedia:Media help (OGG)

Or create your own moods

If you prefer, you can create your own mood music and send it to me.
One way is to start with the MIDI file called swtheme.mid. Google this file name and you will find a dozen free sources for this MIDI file. Import it into GarageBand with Jam Pack Symphony Orchestra or your favorite film scoring program. Then extract moods from the music. (Soon, this will one of the exercises for the film scoring class.)
It is fun! Try it!

Does this pop quiz seem familiar?

At the beginning of this course, you took another pop quiz. It was a trick question.
Rather than decide which pictures are first and second, you should have been thinking about which moods should start the movie.
The only thing which creates mood at the beginning of this movie is music. Therefore, you should have been thinking of which music you need, not which pictures you need.

The mood is everything

90% of everything the audience feels is music. Music brings almost all of the emotion for a scene.
Therefore, you should never ask "which is the first and second picture of this movie?"
Instead, you must ask what are the first and second moods that you want for this movie. Then you think about the music which will convey that mood.
Only after thid do you finally decide which pictures should go along with that music. And because you select the music first, I think you will find that the pictures will be different.


1. First mood:
I want mystery to start the movie to built anticipation.
2. Second mood:
Then I want a bold theme which sounds like the Star Wars theme but not exactly the same so the audience knows that this is about Star Wars.

Now Decide!

Question #1 - What is the first mood for this movie? Why? (2 points)

Question #2 - * What is the second mood for this movie? Why? (2 points)

There is no correct answer. You must decide what you prefer!!!!

Fanfare mystery · Ending short · Short bang · Tension · Long drama.ogg · Bold 2 · Bold · Mystery · Awakening · Ending long · Bang long · Attention long · Attention

Decide what you want for your first and second mood.
Email me with your answer. Special:Emailuser/Robert_Elliott
2 points for your selection (first and second mood) and 2 points for your reason why!

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Before you create the animatic, you need to practice editing. At the same time, you need to learn about "L-Cuts".

Contact your instructor

Your instructor for this filmmaking class is Robert Elliott. You can email me by clicking here.

Answers to the Pop Quiz on the moods for the opening of the scene.
Pop Quiz
Pop Quiz
What are the first and the second moods of the movie?
Before each student starts creating the animatic, the student must decide on the moods (and therefore, the music) which must be included in the movie.
Here are the answers from the students.

Tunderboy9 says:
First mood: Mystery.ogg
I want the answer to be Mystery to let the audience know that something is wrong (the boy needs to ask something, he is confused).
Second mood: Bold.ogg
I will say that the second sound will be Bold so the people to know that this is an important part of the clip. - 4 points - November 1, 2007.

Sir Mok says:
First mood: Awakening.ogg
“Awakening” as a first mood, that the movie starts with.
It conveys the feel of the start, like something is about to begin. It’s also a peaceful music, and that’s compliant the theme and pace of movie, plus there are no tensions or suspense in the scene.
Second mood: Bold 2.ogg
“Bold_2” as a second mode.
This musical mood supports the story, which is around “Star Wars” movie. - 4 points - December 1, 2007.