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Answers to the Pop Quiz on the moods for the opening of the scene.
Pop Quiz
Pop Quiz
What are the first and the second moods of the movie?
Before each student starts creating the animatic, the student must decide on the moods (and therefore, the music) which must be included in the movie.
Here are the answers from the students.

Tunderboy9 says:
First mood: Mystery.ogg
I want the answer to be Mystery to let the audience know that something is wrong (the boy needs to ask something, he is confused).
Second mood: Bold.ogg
I will say that the second sound will be Bold so the people to know that this is an important part of the clip. - 4 points - November 1, 2007.

Sir Mok says:
First mood: Awakening.ogg
“Awakening” as a first mood, that the movie starts with.
It conveys the feel of the start, like something is about to begin. It’s also a peaceful music, and that’s compliant the theme and pace of movie, plus there are no tensions or suspense in the scene.
Second mood: Bold 2.ogg
“Bold_2” as a second mode.
This musical mood supports the story, which is around “Star Wars” movie. - 4 points - December 1, 2007.