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Rough Draft - Not complete

3D Storyboard by Gare Cline
"Seduced by the Dark Side!"

EXTERIOR - The local movie theater - NIGHT

(1) The Young Person and Old Person stand looking at the movie poster outside the theater.

(2)Young Person: "That was a great movie... "but I do not understand one thing."

(3) Old Person: "What's that?"

(4) Young Person: "How can anyone be seduced by the Dark Side?"

(5) The old person thinks for a while. Old Person: "Humm! What computer do you have at home?"

(6) Young Person (eagerly): "A Macintosh!"
Old Person: "But what computer does your father use at work?"

(7) The young person thinks for a moment. Young Person: "Humm! Seduced by the Dark Side!"

(8) The Old Person smiles. Old Person: "Ahh!"

(9) Old Person and the Young Person walk toward home together.

(10) Fade to Black.

The End

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