Ar C'hroesti, Arzon

Flag of Brittany Brezhoneg Daou
Brezhoneg Daou

Welcome to Brezhoneg Daou. If you haven't done so, go and learn from Brezhoneg Unan where you will learn some basic Breton words.

A menhir in Kermario, Karnag / Carnac
A menhir in Kermario, Karnag / Carnac

In this course, Brezhoneg Daou, you will learn:

  • the present tenses in Breton;
  • some basic verbs of Breton;
  • some basic nouns of Breton.
Chañs vat !Good luck!

Istor ar Brezhoneg / History of the Breton Language

Felger / Fougères

Breton is a member of the Brythonic Branch of Celtic, along with Welsh and Cornish, but also, less known, Devonian and Cumbric. The Other Branch of the Celtic Language is Goidelic, with Scottish Gaelic, Irish and Manx.

British was spoken in the pre-Roman period, and has borrowed extensively from Latin (for example the word skriva '"write" is from Latin SCRIBO, also kegin "kitchen" from COQUINA).

From the later medieval period Breton was pushed back West.

Now, an estimated 300,000 people know Breton.