Brezhoneg Daoù/Lesson 2

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Lesson 2 : Nouns


Ar familh / The family

Brezhoneg English Examples
Mamm Mum Hevelep mamm, hevelep merc’h
Same mother, same daughter
Tad Father E-lec'h tad, pe ma zad, pa gomz an den ouzh e dad, e lavar "tadig" pe "tata"
Instead of "father", or "my father", when speaking of their father, people say "dad" or "daddy".
Breur Brother
C'hoar Sister
Mab Son
Merc'h Daughter
Eontr Uncle
Moereb Aunt
Tad-kozh Grandfather
Mamm-gozh Grandmother
Tad-kuñv Great grandfather
Tad-you Great great grandfather
Keniterv Cousin (f.)
Kenderv Cousin (m.) Salaun, roue Breizh, a lazhas e genderv Erispoe
Salomon, king of Brittany, killed his cousin Erispoe

E kêr / In town

Brezhoneg English Examples
Ti House An ti-se eo ma zi
That house is my house
Atant Farm
Iliz Church
Hent Road/Way
Stal Shop
Klañvdi Hospital
Mengleuz Mine
Porzh Port
Baraerezh Baker's
Ti-kêr Town Hall
Mirdi Museum
Skol School
Karrdi Garage
Levraoueg Library
Kafe Pub

Ar vro / The land

Brezhoneg English Examples
Menez Mountain
Mor Sea
Breizh Brittany
Gwern Marsh
Oabl Sky
Traezhenn Beach
Stêr River
Aber Mouth (of river)

Liesseurt / Miscellaneous

Brezhoneg English Examples
Karr Car
Levr Book
Pluenn Pen
Geriadur Dictionary
Kador Chair
Taol Table
Kegin Kitchen
Kambr Bedroom



Ex 1


Write out the Breton words, section by section.

Have 2 columns, clearly separated, and write Breton and English. Then cover up one column (e.g. English) with paper and write the corresponding words on the paper. Then try it the other way round, cover up the Breton, and write out the words using the English as cues. This will be a little bit more difficult.

Repeat all this after an interval, the more you do it the easier you will remember the words.