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Wikiversity project incubator

A project design, either for a course, a research project or something else, is most of the time not mature right from the beginning. In most of the cases there is some special interest for a certain topic and some ideas for this. You know the direction in which the project could go, but there is no concrete image how to realize it.

In these cases the project can go first in our


What we do here

We subject the design to a collective brainstorming and feed it with our collected ideas. We coddle it up together and revive it with life. Everybody can bring his/her thoughts in – also when being not from the topic. Creativity researchers have found out: from the craziest ideas sometimes develop the best solutions. Besides this, we are thinking about, how projects can be reasonably networked together.

„The many are smarter than the few“ [1]

„Groups are smarter than individuals“ - Wiki fans know this. Because of this a project will develop in the incubator. Perhaps not always in that direction which the creator originally thought of. Never mind  – we have then probably found together a better solution.

In the incubator projects will be fed, developed further and their implementation given an understanding. We motivate, support and assist. This can be formed to a habit in the Wikiversity. It creates a climate, in which projects can evolve and flourish. People also.
Come on - put it into it.

Here is some more information on incubator brainstorming


  1. James Surowiecki: "The Wisdom of Crowds. Why the Many Are Smarter Than the Few", Doubleday Books; 2004. ISBN 0385503865

Project Highschool Help Forum

The highschool help forum is semi operational as of now. It can be found at HHF.

It basically serves as a discussion forum. I have a lot of things figured out, but I'd like the co-operation of the community into making it work well. There are hundreds of possibilities, the easiest to think is the possibility that this forum may serve as a feeder project for a lot of highschool level texts on wikibooks.

Please make the forum operational by contributing to it properly formatted pages, automated tagging of newly created pages according to Wikiversity:Browse and making it more user friendly.

It's a simple idea, but since it ultimately creates content through discussion, the same format might be used later on to gather content for other wikiversity/wikibooks projects.

Please Brainstorm on Talk:HHF

(from German Wikiversity) Project for promotion of the disadvantaged in education

The goal of the project is to mobilize students and/or pupils with a so-called "disadvantaged background" to attend to their interests more.

  • First will be concrete assessment of the scope of the disadvantaged in education.
  • In a second step is causal research.
  • The next phase is the brainstorming. The ideas eventually could be presented at a conference.
  • In a fourth step the project is realized.
  • The fifth step is the scientific refurbishment of this project.

project proposal: project for mobilization against disadvantage of education (in German)

brainstorming page (in German)

brainstorming page (in English)

Global Warming

The goal of the project is to increase awareness, but also mobilize people to minimize the global warming.

here now the steps of the project

project proposal:global warming
brainstorming page

Society as Ecology

project proposal:society as ecology
brainstorming page

This topic is possibly related to the other two incubator projects. It is about rediscovering the ability to understand and work with diverse networks(ecology) rather than scaling through fenced monoculture as the primary technique for organising. I think this is a skill we need for improved sustainability and also that it is a facet of inclusive societies

go to the brainstorming page

Project XYZ

(short text and a picture, icon, etc. if possible)

Here you link to your project page and set up a brainstorming page.


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