Wikiversity:Project incubator/Brainstorming

The term is borrowed from an incubator for nursling (more precise for premature infants). In the economy it was picked up and used for special "hatcheries", which are set up for young organizations in the start-up phase and respectively for the time after this. These incubators give the young organizations an infrastructure and environment, which is tailored completely to their needs in the start-up phase.

Here an example:

Also projects in the Wikiversity are positioned in many cases in a preliminary, premature state and need some initial aid. This shall be organized within the project incubator. Of course the needs from new Wikiversity projects are different than from young organizations, but there is also an intersection: both have normally the need for consulting; search partners and profit from a net of helpful contacts, which can be fall back on, when there is need and in which there can develop synergies.

Our project incubator shall fulfill primarily two tasks:

For projects, which try here to gain ground and to develop, it shall animate preferably many people from "Wikiversity" for

  • Think with: ask questions, find ideas, info and give advise etc.
  • Take part: join the project, link it with another project (keyword: detect and tap potential of synergy), take up a subtask etc.

Besides the benefit, this has for single projects, behind this initiative there is another thought:

Wouldn't it be great, if here would develop a relaxed, but at the same time develop an intense collegiate and "academic" life. Where people look beyond one's own nose of the small field of activity and get to know, which scientific questions, problems and solutions there exist in the world? Let's look at this from view point of:

  • a studium generale,
  • an interdisciplinary orientation or
  • a broad education, which can be secured here.

Because of this everybody is welcome to contribute at the project incubator.

What is it about in detail: in the first phase of the creative process initially about brainstorming. Everybody is asked to write on the according brainstorming page of the projects the personal questions, thoughts, hints, experiences etc.

During this brainstorming (one of the popular creativity techniques) there is only one rule: doubts and critique about the project or on contributions, ideas, solution proposals from others preferably hold back. These can come in a second phase, which is about analysis and assessment of the collected ideas and proposals.