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Essay Contests edit

Essay contests are a great way to call attention to new learning groups, schools or departments. They are commonly used by Schools and Universities to raise consciousness about important issues and to encourage discourse, discussion and dialog among learners and teachers.

If your School, department or other learning group wants to conduct a contest, please feel free to list it below.

Why is language translation important? edit

The Wikiversity:Interlingual Beta Club wishes to kick off an Essay Contest to promote the Multilingualism Practicum conducted on all the Wikiversity_translations and Betas.

The contest is two-fold:

  1. Foster Interlingual Dialog
  2. Recruit and train translators

The winning entry will become the introduction to the Translator's Handbook. See also:

This contest is to help promote the Practicum for Foreign Language Learning. The essay should encourage, inspire, inform and motivate learners of foriegn languages to enter a learning path toward becoming translators at Wikiversity.

See Wikiversity:Interlingual Beta Club#Essay Contest for more information. Announce and post a link to your essay at Wikiversity talk:Interlingual Beta Club. Good Luck!

New Contest edit

Add details of an Essay Contest idea here

Prize pledges edit

Add your name here and the amount you pledge as a prize. $1 Emesee 05:13, 27 July 2008 (UTC)[reply]

For right now, ending 2012, if you write an essay on any topic, and yours is the best essay, based on my judgment, I will send you 1 dollar! The rules may change and will be finalized sometime before 2012 (the date may change to).

Essays edit

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