Wiki Campus Radio/Requirements

Wiki Campus Radio is built around a set of consensus-driven, policy-directed, community-wide requirements:

  1. It must be educational and practical or it can't be at Wikiversity.
  2. It can be cultural, technical, musical, social, political, ...controversial.
  3. It should be dynamic, prolific, scientific, jounalistic, scholastic, ...synergistic.
  4. It had best be interesting, challenging, engaging, entertaining, ...enlightening.

This document has three sister documents:

You can require and specify what you want Wiki Campus Radio to be and do.

Primary requirements


This document is to provide developers with what they need to know to build the WCR audio platform. Though some of these requirements have more to do with the use of the platform, they may help developers provide features that make the WCR audio platform more relevant and useful to Wikiversity. The following primary requirements for Wiki Campus Radio are somewhat social in nature, but could help in establishing the technical requirements further down the page.



Wiki Campus Radio is an integral building-block of the learning community at Wikiversity. WCR will provide:

A custodial group will form to see that WCR remains academically-focused –



Wiki Campus Radio is created, concieved, designed, developed, programmed, built, distributed, operated, tested, ...organized, categorized, advertized, popularized, standardized, pasturized, homogenized, ...populated, modulated, activated, predicated, ...administered, supported, directed, documented, re-tested,, learned, taught, ...discussed by Learning groups at Wikiversity and a Community-wide-open userbase:

Anyone can be a part of the making of Wiki Campus Radio.



Artists, musicians, authors, composers, journalists, commentators, poets, singers, philosophers, doctors, lawyers, leaders, followers, ...from all walks of life can contribute content to be published and distributed via Wiki Campus Radio/Webcasts:



Techies, engineers, theorists, scientists, specialists, researchers, ...from all walks of life can play with the knobs:

Technical requirements


The technical requirements of social software that we envision for the WCR audio platform can change with the primary social requirements above. All of this is dependant upon how the userbase grows and changes, so we begin by drafting a structure and function anatomy of the platform's userbase. We will eventually cover inputs and outputs, production and distribution, repositories, network administration, operations, access controls, media embedding, and a host of other technical requirements of the platform. We have a long way to go. Please join WCR/Devs and the MediaWiki Project if you wish to employ your technical skills in building this valuable service into the Wikiversity MediaWiki framework.



The userbase structure outline:

Wiki Campus Radio/Users (all):

Again: Anyone can be a part of the making of Wiki Campus Radio!



... see WCR/Docs ... for some sketchy notes for now

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