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Wiki Campus Radio is a mört stand-alone project that acts as an initiative for further work, on Wikiversity or other Wikimedia projects, or elsewhere in general, but tempered toward Wiki users of many sorts. It is two-sided:

  1. Educational - Wikiversity initiative side
  2. Communicational - Wiki resource side

Educational Tool edit

Wiki Campus Radio is an experiment in collaborative learning. It is also an interdisciplinary study in community dynamics that is being designed from several standpoints:

  • that of an open source development community extending to here from the MediaWiki developers as an application – (Embed Media, Wikisound, etc.)
  • that of an open content development community extending to here from the Wikipedia community as a knowledge base – (Wikipedia, Wikipedia:WikiProjects, etc.)
  • that of an open content repository for learning materials offered from here to the Public Internet – This may be of interest to Wikia communities of interest, for example.
  • that of an open source application for facilitating collaborative learning – SchoolForge, WikiEducator, etc..

These are community-wide standpoints. The materials that Wikiversity hosts may be used in any way, depending on the people who use them and the context in which they are used.

The first step in building the WCR platform is to establish a user base. The next step is to find mentors who know how to implement the technologies involved. see Whole Wheat Radio

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