Wikia, formerly known as Wikicities are wikis for an array of special interest groups, colleges, universities, fan bases and a host of other club-type entities. Many of these are interested in participating at Wikiversity within their topical areas. An effort is being put forth by MetaCollab Wikia to make the process of linking Wikiversity topics, and Wikia communities of interest through a new topical matrix program.

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Wikiversity outreach: Wikiversity participants are invited to list their topics below to opt in to the Wikia collaboration process, without leaving the Wikiversity domain. Simply provide a link to your school, department or topic with a brief description. Meta Collab will do its best to promote each Wikiversity entity at its appropriate place in the growing List of Wikia (nearly 2000-strong as of October 2006).

Topic:Computer programming edit

Computer Programming is a Division of the School of Computer Science. This will contain lessons on learning programming languages, learning software abstraction, algorithms, data structures, as well as different stages to computer programming, including design, testing, and maintenance.

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Topic:Perl edit

Topic:Perl (pending)

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Once your Wikiversity school, division, department, topic or project is entered into Wikia:Collaboration:Wikiversity/Topics, an announcment containing links to related wikia and other discoveries will be announced on Talk:Wikia. Meta Collab's listing will be preloaded using Wikiversity:Browse, but entities here must opt in to activate the process.

You may start your own planning guide of your own Wikia Wiki! Just add your wiki name and "Wikia" as the title.

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