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Rapid prototype of a UC Wiki Town developed at the UC SAFFIRE festival, Mar 18-19, 2013.


This project will provide QRpedia and QRcodes in significant and interesting locations around the University of Canberra (UC) campus which will link to multi-language, openly editable knowledge commons wiki content. This project will engage the UC community to collaborate through learning projects to build the Wiki Town.

Wiki Town - what does it mean to you?

Getting startedEdit

  1. Anybody can post QRcodes around campus, linking people to further information.
  2. Methods of code placement to be trialled
  3. Identify interesting locations/objects
  4. Create related knowledge commons wiki content, such as on Wikimedia Foundation sister project pages
  5. Collaborative develop the wiki content through structured learning activities which are integrated into course and unit curricula


Potential locations of interest include:

  1. Foundation stone
  2. Futuro
  3. Sculptures
  4. Art work
  5. Library
  6. Sports Hall
  7. Specific trees/plants and publically displayed fauna e.g., green tree frog in Building 3
  8. Wearable QR codes - e.g., t-shirts
  9. Learning objects
  10. Add more


  1. Multi-language - QRpedia codes provide this - but don't link to non-WP sister project pages
  2. Open mapping

Educational usesEdit

The project can be incorporated as learning exercises into units in various disciplines e.g.,:

  1. Psychology students could survey the community about the locations of most interest
  2. Environmental science students could map/code flora of interest
  3. Architecture students could map/code buildings of interest
  4. Business students could help retailers to provide more information about products
  5. Create UC Wikipedian Student Organization
  6. etc.


  1. Naming - there is some recent controversy about exactly how Wikimedia Foundation will allow wiki town projects to be branded from their point of view[1]
  2. QRpedia currently only links to Wikipedia. For a learning institution, ideally, it would be possible to have QR codes linking to sister project pages as well. Regular QRcodes could be used instead, but these don't have multi-language functionality. Best to use codes QRpedia codes if linking to Wikipedia and QRcodes if linking to other sister projects for now.


  1. Wearable technologies such as smart glasses are just around the corner, which will allow overlay of augmented reality and information - this project is about building a smart, interactive, user-centric campus


Funding would allow:

  1. Scoping
  2. Training
  3. Printing and mounting of codes
  4. Demonstration code and content development
  5. Integration with teaching activities
  6. Wiki-Artist-in-Residence

People working on this projectEdit

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