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Thanks to the primary authors - an intrepid group of 70 or so third year undergraduate psychology students in the Motivation and Emotion unit (2010) at the University of Canberra (UC) who each wrote a textbook chapter. Doing so contributed 50% of grade for the unit. We were also priveleged to have the participation of John Schmidt, a long-term Wikiversity contributor, who contributed an impressive chapter about Hunger.

Thanks to a key advisor and champion of this project, Leigh Blackall. Thanks also to Danny Munnerley, Matt Bacon, and Leonard Low from the UC Teaching and Learning Centre for support for the $5000 Blended Learning Hothouse Grant (although not a cent was spent and the money was returned to UC).

Thanks to the Wikimedia Foundation for hosting Wikiversity, a free and open educational wiki which has provided the hosting and editing platform for developing the book. Wikiversity was also used to support the teaching of the Motivation and emotion (7124-6665) unit at the University of Canberra (including lecture and tutorial notes and assessment tasks).

Thanks to PediaPress, and particularly Volker Hass, for helpful advice about developing the printable version.

Many hands, hearts and minds combined to create this book. Feel free to enjoy, learn, improve, and share it.