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This is an article on the time before the Big Bang.


Q: How does a physical atom interface with a nonphysical idea?

A: It doesn’t.

Q: How does a set of atoms think?

A: It doesn’t.

Something is wrong!

The UniverseEdit

Start again.

The physical universe exists.

This is obviously a true statement, but what does it mean?

  • The word ‘the’ is the definite article and means a specific one. In this case, it means the one universe.
  • The word ‘universe’ means one and all inclusive.
  • The word ‘physical’ refers to matter and energy.
  • The word ‘exists’ means it occupies space and is measurable.

Given the above true statement, one can eliminate Santa, Gods, and the Great Pumpkin. However, what does one do with an idea? Dreams are not physical. Time is not physical. Colors are not physical. It is illogical to have one universe that contains all and still have excluded items.

Start again.

The physical universe exists, and the nonphysical universe exists.

This is like having two baskets. If an item does not fit in one basket, then it fits in the other basket.

The problem with the above statement is there are now two universes, and the word universe means one.

Start again.

There is one Universe and it is nonphysical.

Given this statement is true, what are all the physical things in front of me?


A Being in The Universe

After eliminating all things physical, I am left with René Descartes’ comment. I think therefore I am.

I exist because I am thinking. Since I exist, the only place I can exist is in The Universe.

In The Universe, I have a mind to do my thinking. Ideas enter my mind, stay for a while in a place called memory, and some ideas leave to go elsewhere. In addition, I reason about my ideas as I analyze and synthesize them. These features allow me to define a Being in The Universe.

Q: Am I the only Being in The Universe?

A: If yes, then why am I so ignorant about everything?

Q: Given there are other Beings in The Universe, what are they like?

A: They are all like me because I do not know enough about The Universe to add to their characteristics other than it appears Beings communicate, that is, exchange ideas.

Q: If I am a zero, and the other Beings are like me, then a zillion zeros still add to zero so where is the progress?

A: Beings are different.

If Beings are different, then they differ about the ideas in their memory and how they reason about those ideas.

Illogical BeingsEdit

Draw a horizontal series of points on a sheet of paper. Let the paper represent The Universe. Let the points represent Beings in The Universe. Arrange the Beings so the most logical Beings are on the left and the most illogical Beings are on the right.

Q: What do they do with the most illogical Beings?

Q: If all Beings are otherwise equal, who has the right to draw a line and say those to the right are illogical?

Q: How can they confine the most illogical Beings since there are no padded cells to contain them?

Q: Even if a place or way is available, how long is the term of confinement?

Q: When released, wouldn’t an illogical Being be more illogical after being confined with the most illogical Beings?

Q: If confined forever, would that be logical?

A: To solve this conundrum, some Beings asked a group of the most logical Beings for help. These most logical Beings conceived of a self –contained set of interacting ideas which we call our physical universe.

It is a universe in that it is self-contained, that is, ideas do not enter or leave this set. It is physical because the ideas enter our minds, and we think they are real.


An illogical Being begins to contemplate this set of ideas and is born into the physical universe. The physical makeup of this new born is not important. It may be a human, centaur, or have some other shape. However, it must have a brain and a means of implementing its ideas.

The purpose of this physical universe is to teach illogical Beings, that is, its inmates, how to reason logically. The purpose of the illogical Being is to learn how to reason logically. To this end, the physical ideas change or continuously interact to present different ideas to the illogical Beings.

Think of a boy sitting on a park bench on a sunny day. He is wearing a strange helmet and is holding a play-station. He is playing a virtual reality game. No one cares about him or bothers him. When the game ends, he is exactly where he was when the game started.

In a similar fashion, an illogical Being enters the physical universe, stays for a period called a life cycle, and returns to being aware of The Universe. If still illogical in its reasoning, the Being reenters the physical universe. The number of cycles needed to learn is different for different Beings and is of no importance to anyone. For some, the physical universe is a school of hard knocks.

Q: Even so, what about creation?


A field is a set of points with specified characteristics.


Space field

Start with the idea of a point. A point is the idea of a position. It has no physical length, width, or depth.

Think of another point beside the first point. The distance between the two points is zero. Cover the first point with more points so there is sphere one point in radius. Continue to cover with more spheres until there are a zillion spheres. This field is Space. From the inside, it appears infinite in size. From The Universe, the physical size of Space is zero.


Gravity field

At the limit of Space, let the points combine and move inward perpendicular to the spheres of Space and toward the center point. The field of Gravity is a three-dimensional radial field of inward moving lines. Space is contracting.

Ray field


At the center, opposing incoming lines of Gravity convert to Ray, an outgoing line. The field of Ray is linear. Space is contracting.

Kone field


Since Ray cannot leave the physical universe, at the limit of Space, its surface, Ray converts to circles. These circles move down Ray and increase in radius. Kone is a set of these circles. Space is contracting.


At the center, the bottom circle of Kone begins to contract, that is, the points form radii and move inward toward the center. Electro is a field in two dimensions. Space is contracting.

  • Plus

The side of Electro with Ray is plus. The side without Ray is negative.


Magno field

At the center, the incoming radii of Electro turn toward Ray and continue to curve around Electro to form a toroidal field. Magno is this toroidal field. Space is contracting.

  • North

North is name given to the side of Magno with Ray. South is the other end.


With the advent of Magno, the fields of Ray, Kone, Electro, and Magno begin to rotate. Spin is a set of one or more rotating fields. Space is contracting.


Shell is a Spin neutralized field. It occurs when Electro and Magno rotate so fast, their fields become self-locking. It looks like a ping-pong ball. Space is contracting.


There are now two centers: the center of Space and the center of Shell.


The center of Shell blocks the center of Space, and the incoming lines of Gravity convert to Linear-motion. The field of Linear-motion occurs when the center of a Shell moves in a straight line.

After the center of Shell moves off the center of Space, the incoming lines of Gravity convert to Ray. Ray fires at the center of the Shell and blocks it. Incoming lines of Gravity continue to convert to Linear-motion, and Shell moves outward. Space is contracting.

At the surface of Space, Shell unspins, that is, it reconverts to Space and the other fields. Ray converts to Kone and soon begins to rotate. There are now two centers and they both proceed to produce normal Shells. Space is contracting.

The process repeats to produce four centers and continues to double the number of centers. Space is contracting.


As the number of centers increase without limit, they begin to coat the normal Shells like a film of oil. This prevents contact with the surface of Space, and most of these normal Shells become permanent. Space is contracting.

Small ShellsEdit

During its permanent state, a normal Shell still has a center. This center converts its incoming lines of Gravity to Ray just as the center of Space did. However, Ray only moves to the surface of Shell where it converts to Kone, Electro, Magno, and Spin. The result is a small Shell within a normal Shell. This small Shell prevents the creation of another small Shell within a normal Shell. Space is contracting.

Smallest ShellsEdit

Not all normal Sells survive. When a normal Shell unspins, it releases its small Shell. This small Shell has a center and proceeds to convert its incoming lines of Gravity to create a smallest Shell. All three types of Shells are identical except for size. Space is contracting.

Big BangEdit

From the outside, Space begins to look like a large weather balloon full of small balls. Space wraps itself around the Shells as it contracts. Only the free centers keep the Shells from unspinning. However, there is a limit to this contraction process. Upon reaching its limit, Space makes contact with many Shells at the same instance, and they all reconvert to Space thereby creating a Big Bang.

Fundamental CycleEdit

The physical universe is now expanding. When it reaches its limit, it will begin contracting. This is its Fundamental Cycle.

Note: The above reasoning is not the accepted view.

The simple pendulum article provides an example of the use of the the two field: Spin and Linear-motion.