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After the Michelson-Morley experiment, people believed space was a void.

Q: If space is a void, then is our physical universe finite or infinite in size?

Q: If it is finite, then what is on the other side?

Q: If it is infinite, then is matter distributed equally throughout this infinite physical universe?

Q: If the answer is yes, then one must assume stars have been shinning for billions of years. If this is true, then why is the night sky so dark? This is Olbers’ Paradox. Heinrich Wilhelm Matthäus Olbers (1758-1840) was a German astronomer, physician and physicist.

Q: If the answer is no, then why is all the matter located in one place?


Look at a sheet of polar graph paper. In the center is a mass of one. The accepted view has the circles representing the field of gravity that eminates from this mass.

Q: What happens to this gravity field when this mass of one converts to energy?

If the gravity field blinks out of existence, then its demise is faster than the speed of light. If the field still exists, then it is possible to have a gravity field without a mass.


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Creation (Alternate View) Before the Big Bang

Space and GravityEdit

Look again at a sheet of polar graph paper. This alternative view says the circles represent expanding spheres of Space. These spheres expand from a mass center. The radial lines represent the field of Gravity. At the limit of Space, the points of Space convert to incoming lines of Gravity. At a mass center, opposing, incoming lines of Gravity convert to expanding spheres of Space. This relationship between Space and Gravity is the Basic Cycle. The cycle between one Big Bang and the next Big Bank is the Fundamental Cycle.

Rule 0: At a mass center in an expanding physical universe, opposing, incoming lines of Gravity convert to expanding spheres of Space. Unopposed, incoming lines of Gravity convert to Linear-motion.

When viewed from The Universe, the size of our physical universe is zero. From inside our physical universe, the size appears infinite with matter located near the origin of the Big Bang. The Big Bang generated vast amounts of expanding spheres of Space.

The most numerous items before the Big Bang were the centers trying to become Shells, that is, mass centers. These centers are low energy quanta of light. They are everywhere. However, as they move outward toward the surface of Space, their energies fade, and they become points of Space. In a similar manner, a starship heading for the surface of Space would likewise disintegrate and become part of the field of Space and return as Gravity. So in this cyclic sense, the field of Space is infinite.

Return to the polar graph paper and let the mass convert to Space and other fields at its center. In this case, the incoming lines of Gravity continue to remain perpendicular to the expanding spheres of Space and eventually end up at a center (mass or quanta) or at the original center of the Big Bang.


The creation article proffered a set of fields including Space to define our physical universe. The other eight nonSpace fields are energy fields: Gravity, Ray, Kone, Electro, Magno, Spin, Shell, and Linear-motion.

At one time, people believed matter could not be created or destroyed. Later, people believed energy could not be created or destroyed. Now it seems, Space cannot be created or destroyed; it can only be temporarily stored in energy fields.


Newton's Universal Law of Gravitation states that any two objects exert a gravitational force of attraction on each other. The direction of the force is along the line joining the objects. The magnitude of the force is proportional to the product of the gravitational masses (m) of the objects, and inversely proportional to the square of the distance (d) between them.

    • where G is a constant.

Why is this equation correct?

Compressive force of Gravity

Consider the case where there are two mass centers a zillion light years apart. Apply rule zero. Opposing lines of Gravity enter each mass center and convert to expanding spheres of Space. Between these mass centers, there is a missing line of Gravity. The other mass center intercepted it. This unopposed incoming line of Gravity converts to Linear-motion, and the two mass centers move toward each other. In this case, the force of Gravity is a compressive force and not an attractive force. There is no ‘Action at a distance’.

Product of masses

Consider the case where there is a mass with two centers and a mass with three centers. Between these masses, there are six missing lines of incoming Gravity. Therefore, the force of Gravity between two objects is a product of the number of mass centers.

Field of Gravity

Look again at the sheet of polar graph paper. Place a mass of one at the center of the sheet and a new mass of one on a radial line just inside the outer circle. Each circle represents an expanding sphere of Space. The incoming lines of Gravity are perpendicular to these spheres. These spheres act as lenes and focus the lines of Gravity into the mass of one located at the center of the sheet. However, because of this focusing effect, some incoming lines of Gravity enter the center of the new mass. These are additional unopposed lines of Gravity, and they convert to Linear-motion. The same focusing effect happens to both masses. When the two masses touch, half the incoming Gravity goes into one mass center and half goes into the other mass center.


Ray is energy in one dimension. Ray is everywhere. In space, Ray is a nutrino. In the sky, Ray is lightning. On Earth, Ray is electricity.

Tesla Coil's Ray

Let’s start with a Tesla coil. It’s named after Nikola Tesla (1856-1943). If one touches the top of an active coil, one can draw an arc. Directors use this idea in horror movies to have arcs of lightning hit actors and make their hair stand on end. Ray leaves the coil and hits the mass centers in the air. Ray converts to light at these centers, and one sees a harmless arc.

In the sky, Linear-motion converts to angular motion, that is, Spin, in the neutrons of Oxygen molecules. This buildup of energy continues until one or a few molecules convert their excess Spin to Ray. Ray usually fires at a mass center in the Earth. This release of Ray sets off a domino effect that travels with the speed of light.

Battery's Ray

During this process, Ray fires at other mass centers and converts to Linear-motion and light. Humans hear the air movement, thunder, and see a flash of lightning.

A similar event occurs with a battery. In this case, a chemical change occurs converting the orbital energy, Spin, to Ray. If the switch is open, then the change is slow and Ray leaks away. If the switch is closed, then Ray completes the loop and enhances the chemical reaction to produce more Ray. Volts are a measure of the orbital energy before and after a load like a lamp. Opening the switch produces an arc as in the Tesla coil as Ray continues to leave the battery.

Radiometer's and Ray

The radiometer provides a different example. Shine an incandescent light on the vanes and the black vanes will move away. Shine a fluorescent light on the vanes and nothing happens. In the fluroescent tube, Ray moves from one end of the tube to the other end. In the incandescent light, the hot filiment emits Ray, and Ray hits the vanes. Shade the radiometer so the black vanes are on one side of the shade. Shine a light on the white vanes, and they will not move. In the white vanes, Ray converts to Spin and the orbiting neutrons increase their rotations. This excess Spin reconverts to Ray which leaves via the pedestal. In the black Carbon vanes, there are few if any orbiting neutrons. Ray converts to Linear-motion.

Testing Suggestion

Hold the north pole of a strong bar magnet near the black vanes of a nonmetalic radiometer.


Let’s return to the Michelson-Morley experiment and think of a square box. In their experiment, they had a light source on the left that emitted light, which hit a semi-silvered mirror in the center of the box. Half of the light went straight ahead to hit a flat mirror on the right. Half of the light went up to the left to hit a flat mirror. The returning beams combined at the semi-silvered mirror and proceeded to a light detector at the bottom. Their device became an interferometer and was used to detect aether flow. They built their interferometer on top of a block of marble, which floated in a pool of mercury. They failed to detect aether flow thus proving space was a void.

A problem with this experiment was its pool of Mercury. Mercury has many mass centers, and these centers generated a vast number of expanding spheres of Space. In a sense, they conducted their experiment on a three dimensional artesian well of Space.

To understand Kone, start over and adjust one of the flat mirrors so as to produce total light interference. Do not reconduct their experiment. Just ask yourself: ‘Where is the energy’? Energy cannot be created or destroyed. It must be oscillating in fields other than the electro-magnetic field.

Testing suggestion

Duplicate the above total interference interferometer. Use the output of one device as the input to this duplicate device and recover the orginal light.


Electro-Magnetic wave

One associates the Electro field with the Electro-Magnetic (E-M) spectrum. This E-M spectrum starts with a center. Adding energy to this center produces a quantum of light. A stream of these moving quanta is the E-M spectrum. It is the stream that has wave properties. This spectrum includes radio and light waves. At the high energy end of this spectrum is Shell.

Dropping a letter from E and M provides the D-L spectrum or Dark-Light spectrum. Kone replaces Electro in this spectrum. Human eyes did not evolve to detect this D-L spectrum.

Sun spots are dark energy spots on our sun. A sun spot is energy in the D-L spectrum. It is not difficult to imagine a D-L sun and a solar system full of dark matter.


Magno and Bar Magnet

Most people are familiar with a bar magnet and its magnetic field. In this article, Magno is this magnetic field. A bar magnet has a north and a south pole. Most people also know that like poles repel and unlike poles attract. Why?

Funnel effect of Magno

Magnetic FunnelEdit

To understand the why of this phenomenon, notice that this magnetic field produces a funnel at each end. Lines of Gravity enter these funnels and convert to expanding spheres of Space. Opposing lines of Gravity enter from all sides, but it is only the incoming lines at the poles that are of interest.

Compressive Force

Now place two bar magnets near each other with a north pole near a south pole. Notice that between the poles, the funnel all but disappears. The incoming lines of Gravity entering through the end funnels are unopposed and convert to Linear-motion. The two magnets move toward each other. People believe opposite poles attract, but that is not the case.

It is not surprising that the equation for the compressive magnetic force is similar to Newton’s force of Gravity equation.


Three sizes of Shell

A Shell is a Spin neutralized field. It is the upper limit of the E-M spectrum. It looks like a small ping-pong ball. Shell comes in three sizes: Normal, Small, and Smallest, AKA: Atom, Neutron, and Subneutron or Black Hole.

The combination of a normal Shell and a small Shell is known as a Hydrogen atom. Other combinations produce the elemets in the Periodic Table. The combination of a small Shell and a smallest Shell is a subHydrogen atom. Other combinations produce the subelements in the subPeriodic Table.

Many Hydrogen atoms produce a star like our sun. Gravity presses many Hydrogen atoms and molecules together so that they cannot move. They unSpin and convert to Light, Space and other energy fields.

Many subHydrogen atoms with Gravity produce a neutron star in a similar manner.

Many subNeutrons produce a Black Hole. Objects falling into a Black Hole unSpin and reconvert to Space.


Hydrogen & Deuterium

A Hydrogen atom comprises a neutron within a normal Shell. While most oppossing, incoming lines of Gravity convert to expanding spheres of Space, a few convert to Ray as they did during the compression period of our physical universe. Ray moves to the surface of Shell and converts to other fields. The surface disturbance is known as an electron. As Ray rotates, the electron appears to be in orbit. A viewer is on the other side of Ray and senses a negative electron. A viewer is on the same side of Ray for the central neutron and senses a positive charge on the central neutron and names it a proton.

The atomic weight of Hydrogen is about 1.008. Atomic weght is a time average count of the number of centers in an atom. Most of the time, the center of the neutron and the center of the normal Shell are co-located and count as one. When the centers are not co-located, they count as two.

Hydrogen molecule & Unpinned intersection

The atomic weight of Deuterium is about 2.014. Deuterium has an orbiting neutron.

The Hydrogen molecule comprises two Hydrogen atoms. While spinning at the speed of light, they can appear to each other to have poles. Gravity compresses their fields like pushing two magnets together. This molecule has an unpinned intersection.


Carbon atom

Carbon has an atomic weight of about 12.01. Carbon comprises six deuterium atoms in a circle. There is a neutron in each center of the normal Shells and a neutron in each intersection.

A diamond occurs when there are four horizontal Shells and a Shell on the top and a shell on the bottom. One needs pressure to force the many unpinned intersections.


Gas is the term one uses when there are few if any unpinned intersections.

Liquid is the term one uses when there are some unpinned intersections.

Solid is the term one uses when there are many unpinned intersections.

Touch is an awareness of Shells contacting other Shells.


Helium atom

Helium has an atomic weight of about 4.0026. There are two Shells and four neutrons. Two neutrons are co-located at the center of the Shells, and two neurons are in the intersection of the Shells. This configuration inhibits interaction with other Shells.

Helium starts with four Hydrogen atoms. Two Shells unSpin during the fusion process.


Oxygen atom

Oxygen has an atomic weight of just less than 16. As shown, there are two orbits. One contains eight neutrons, and one contains six neutrons. The fifteenth neutron acts as an anchor to prevent the orbits from flipping and remains in or near the center of the normal Shell.

When two Oxygen atoms combine with Carbon, there is an Oxygen atom on each side. Six neturons from each Oxygen atom pin the Oxygen atom to the Carbon atom. We sense the release of their orbital energies as heat.

Plants use Ray from the sun to resupply this energy and release the Oxygen into the air.


Lithium atom

Lithium has an atomic weight just less than 7. As shown, there are seven centers. So, an end neutron must occupy the center of the normal Shell often enough to reduce the count to six.

In this article, the interest in Lithium is it is a gyro in a normal Shell.


Iron has an atomic weight of about 55.85. Iron comprises four Lithium atoms with four pinned intersections. Each intersection contains a gyro from a no longer existing Lithium atom.

Iron atom

Each of the four pinning gyros has seven neutrons to account for twenty-eight centers. Each of the other four gyros has six neutrons. There are four more centers, one in each of the four normal Shells. This brings the total to fifty-six. The count drops to fifty-five when one of the neutrons is co-loacated in its Shell’s center.

How can one Iron atom have a magnetic field and another Iron atom not have one?

Imagine all of these gyros pointing to the geometric center of the Iron atom. Lines of Gravity enter the many centers and convert to Rays. These Rays fire at the geometric center of the Iron atom. At this geometric center, the opposing Rays convert to Magno. The Magno lines curve upward and around to re-enter the bottom of the Iron atom. They then merge to form a perpendicular Ray, which leaves the atom.

Hitting a magnet reorients the gyros and reduces the strength of the magnetic field.

Note: The above speculations are not the accepted views.

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