High School Chemistry

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High School Chemistry

Welcome to the learning project on High School Chemistry!

This course will be developed at a level suitable for 14-16 year olds, equivalent to formal education level Key Stage 4 (UK) or Grades 9-10 (US).

Learning project summary edit

Content summary edit

High School Chemistry serves to teach readers about the topic of Chemistry at the High School Honors (ADV) level. This goes from the introductions to Chemistry to Acids and Bases.

Goals edit

In this learning project, we aim to explain and review chemistry topics through means of textual information and short quizzes on those pages.

Contents/Lessons edit

  1. Introduction to Methods of Chemistry
  2. Atomic Structure, The Periodic Table, and Electrons or Light
  3. Electrons and Light
  4. The periodic table/Periodic Trends
  5. Nomenclature of ionic, covalent compounds, acids, bases, and hydrates
  6. Intra & Intermolecular Forces
  7. Chemical Quantities & the Mole
  8. Stiochiometry
  9. Thermochemistry & States of Matter
  10. Gases & Gas Laws
  11. Solutions, Acids, & Bases

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