These project boxes are for resources which help people learn second or foreign languages. The Wikiversity project boxes system allows you to insert an easy and attractive project box into your resource which does a lot of handy things behind the scenes, such as classifying your resource and making it accessible in the navigation system. Just follow the easy instructions below.

Purpose of these project boxes edit

  • Resource pages which are in a non-English language should be moved to the appropriate non-English Wikiversity - see for a list.
  • These project boxes are for language training resources. Usually the meta-language of the resource will be English, and the target language (i.e. the language being taught) will be something else. Such resources belong on English Wikiversity. This is when you use a project box from this page. Language learning resources are some of the most popular destinations on Wikiversity.

List of available project boxes for classifying by language edit

Write Appearance Shortcut Uses Notes

Helpful resources for creating new language project boxes edit

Modifying language project boxes edit

Changing the flag edit

One of the problems with language project boxes is that they use country flags as icons, but languages are often spoken in more than one country. Wikimedia Commons has started a hybrid flags project which combines the flags of different countries into one icon, but this project is incomplete and doesn't altogether solve the problem. For example, Spanish and English are spoken in more countries than could ever be combined attractively into a single icon of country flags.

To get round this, effectively you are free to change the icon on resources which you have largely created yourself. For example, if you are Canadian, you may prefer to put a Canadian flag on your ESL resources. You can do it like this:

{{esl|icon=Nuvola Canada flag.svg}}

Changing the article edit

The text normally reads "this is a [language] resource". What if the language begins with a vowel? Can you change to "an" when creating the project box? Yes - just add "article=an" into your paramater list.


Requests for new languages edit

Can't create a project box? Then just request it here instead. Please sign your name with ~~~~ after your request.

  • lesego~~~~


Frequent questions edit

Q: Where should I put this on my page?

A: Probably either at the very top or the very bottom. It's really a question of your own taste. User boxes have traditionally been placed at the top of user pages, so if you can't decide, put your project boxes at the top as well.

Q: Can I combine these with other project boxes, such as resource-type project boxes and completion-status project boxes?

A: Yes. In fact, please do. This is the idea. The project boxes are designed to stack up in a matching group, and create a full metadata classification for your resource.

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