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Purpose of quality assurance project boxes edit

The purpose of these boxes is not to introduce some new or authoritarian quality control system (although quality assurance systems have been a constantly raised topic ever since Wikiversity was founded). Instead these boxes are simply a Wikiversity-equivalent of well-known Wikimedia resource tags for things like resource-featuring and clean-up. Traditionally, many of the clean-up tags (e.g. copyright queries) have been placed boldly across the top of an article, which is intrusive. Wikiversity project boxes sit more unobtrusively at the side of a page. Many of these tags serve no further purpose than to place resource into categories for maintenance purposes, so an unobtrusive position for them along with the other project boxes may be a better way to do it.

Available project boxes edit

Write Appearance Shortcut Uses Notes
{{Feature proposal}}
Quality resource: this resource has been proposed for featuring on the main page of Wikiversity.
{{Featured}} {{hot}}