This page is part of the Project boxes project. If you want to avoid reading this page, just type {{subst:wikizap}} into your page and everything will happen by itself.

Purpose of these project boxes edit

These boxes fulfill the same function as the interwiki boxes used on most other Wikimedia Foundation projects. They simply cross-reference across projects between pages on similar subjects.

However on Wikiversity, the conventional style of these boxes has been modified to fit in with the project boxes project. It helps distinguishes Wikiversity from the other projects a little, and it also adds more fun to the process.

Available project boxes edit

The cross-reference contained in the box is, by default, created automatically. The link is actually a search performed on the sister project. In some cases, these project boxes used to link to a page with the same title, but the search function is far superior to this in terms of the returned quality of material. By default the boxes take the current page title as the search term for the sister project. However you can override the default like this: {{wikiproject|search term}} (i.e. a pipe followed by the desired search term).

Write Appearance Shortcut Uses Notes
{{Wikipedia}} {{wp}}
Wikibooks has more on the topic of Tour of project boxes/7.
{{Wikisource}} {{ws}}
Search Wikiquote for quotations related to: Tour of project boxes/7
{{Wikispecies}} {{species}}
Search Wikinews for news items related to Tour of project boxes/7.
Look up Tour of project boxes/7 in
Wiktionary, the free dictionary.
{{Commons}} {{commons}}
Search for Tour of project boxes/7 on the following projects:
{{mw}} This one is not intended for ordinary pages, but may help as a part of special templates and boilerplate for new pages. It does not add the page to any categories.

Adding the whole lot in one easy zap edit

Copy and paste the following into your page.


It is a wonderfully lazy way to do the entire interwiki thing.

Questions edit

Q: Where do I put these on my page?

A: Traditionally, interwiki boxes go at the bottom of the page, or in sections where they are relevant. However there's no reason why you shouldn't add them into the same block as your other project boxes at the top. It's up to you.

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