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Physics is the natural science that studies matter, its motion and behavior through space and time, and the related entities of energy and force. Physics is one of the most fundamental scientific disciplines, and its main goal is to understand how the universe behaves.[1]

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Physics CategoriesEdit

Physics(65 cats, 393 pgs)
Fundamental physics concepts(1 cat, 2 pgs)
Acoustics(1 pg)
Applied mechanics(3 cats, 23 pgs)
Astrophysics(9 cats, 37 pgs)
Biophysics(2 cats, 5 pgs)
Concepts in physics(5 cats, 17 pgs, 1 file)
Condensed matter physics(3 cats, 2 pgs)
Differential equations(4 cats, 17 pgs)
Dimension(3 cats, 1 pg)
Dynamics(2 cats, 12 pgs)
Electricity(5 cats, 28 pgs)
Electromagnetism(7 cats, 17 pgs)
Eml4500.f08(1 cat, 26 pgs, 11 files)
Energy(4 cats, 9 pgs)
Equations(1 cat, 8 pgs)
Experimental physics(1 cat, 2 pgs)
Force(1 cat, 1 pg)
General relativity(1 cat, 18 pgs)
Geophysics(5 cats, 2 pgs)
Gravitation(3 cats, 14 pgs)
History of Physics(28 pgs)
Light(1 cat)
Mathematical physics(1 cat, 6 pgs)
Matter(5 cats, 1 pg)
Mechanics(6 cats, 27 pgs, 1 file)
Medical physics(1 pg)
Mesoscopic Physics(9 pgs)
Motion (physics)(1 pg)
Nanoscience(2 cats, 2 pgs)
Optics(1 cat, 2 pgs)
Orbital mechanics(3 pgs)
Partial differential equations(2 cats, 10 pgs)
Particle physics(10 cats, 9 pgs)
Physical chemistry(1 cat, 20 pgs)
Physical quantities(4 cats, 6 pgs)
Physics concepts(1 cat, 2 pgs)
Physics equations(5 cats, 76 pgs)
Physics equations/Equations(1 cat, 15 pgs)
Physics quizzes(14 pgs)
Physics stubs(4 pgs)
Physics units(empty)
Physics/Lectures(18 pgs)
Physics/Problems(1 pg)
PlanetPhysics(829 pgs)
Plasma physics(1 pg)
Power(2 cats)
Quantum physics(2 cats, 9 pgs)
Relativity(7 pgs)
Remote Sensing(4 pgs)
Special Relativity(1 cat, 32 pgs)
Spectroscopy(7 pgs)
Theoretical physics(9 cats, 25 pgs, 1 file)
Thermodynamics(1 cat, 23 pgs)
Unsolved problems in physics(2 cats, 3 pgs)
Waves(1 cat, 7 pgs)

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