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Wikiversity Film School - Narrative film production
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The basics of narrative filmmaking
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Formatting the script
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Page 1 - Lesson summary & the story
Page 2 - Analyze the story
Page 3 - Learn Final Draft
Page 4 - Type the script
Conclusion - Is it perfect?

Completed homework assignments
Formatted Script
Here are all the scripts formatted by students for "Seduced by the Dark Side!"
This is a very simple story and you can follow all the steps until the movie is finished.
If you want to make motion pictures, remember that everything starts with a movie script. The only way that you will be taken seriously in Hollywood is to correctly format your script.
The formatted scripts from the lesson on "Script Formatting"

Version: The Live-Action Script
Note: The instructions in the lessons are only a guide. Here is an excellent example of creative script formatting. Converting the story into a script can be done with a great amount of originality. Great job, Capt. Mike!
"D" says: I wasn´t sure if could make all this changes in the story but here it goes! (Ps: sorry if the script its not fluid or something but though english its not my native language I wanted to give it a try anyway.)
  • MilesR has completed this assignment (pdf). 10 points. (5 May 2007) Remember to set each line to the correct format. This is very easy in Final Draft.
  • Krishna Datta has completed this assignment (pdf). I used MS Word and converted the script to PDF using a PDF Convertor. I am not able to install the Tool as I am using a restricted Computer where I don't have permission to install any software. I think this will suffice.6 points. (23 July 2007)
  • Astroboi has not completed this assignment (pdf). Please use the free demo of Final Draft to format this script.
  • Igor Popovski has completed this assignment (pdf) using the free Final Draft demo. This was done using a TV format rather than a motion picture. The differences are very interesting. 8 points - (03 November 2007)

Click on the word assignment to see the actual pdf document.

Version: The Animation Script
  • Special Note: This is the first script to get the scene numbering correct!!!!
  • Special Note: This is the second script to get the scene numbering correct!!!!

Unique scripts

Completed assignment - Script formatting

June 3, 2010 -- Macurik has formatted the script with Free Final Draft 8. You can download it at Media:Macurik_Seduced by the dark side.pdf. xxx

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This was just a quick lesson for you to learn about formatting a script.
Still, when you go to Hollywood, people will expect you to format a script perfectly.
Therefore, you should read this next page.

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