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Please take this second pop quiz!
1. The thumbnail storyboard frame

The original storyboard frame

This is the shot that we want. Now we have to recreate this shot in FrameForge 3D Studio.

2. The 3D Storyboarding software

FrameForge 3D Studio

In FrameForge 3D Studio, drag the characters to the stage and create the movie set. Select your camera and begin.

But soon, there is a problem. The old person is in the way of the camera. And you cannot move the camera to the right because the movie set is in the way.

So what do you do?

3. The problem

Not good!

Here is the picture you got.

4. The desired results

Good shot!

Here is the picture you need!

What do you do?

  1. Move the movie set out of the way?
  2. Move the actors to a different location?
  3. Change the focal length from a telephoto to a very wide angle?
What should you do?

(Note: This is a trick question.)

Email me with your answer. Special:Emailuser/Robert_Elliott
2 points for your answer.

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Pop Quiz
Pop Quiz
  • Jolon says "Do all three if necessary." - 30 May 2007 - 2 points

  • Disilver says "Move the actors. We can back them up a few feet and use a normal, or maybe mild telephoto, lens to get the close up we want. We should still have the background information that we want in the shot. That is - enough to place the audience on the walk in front of the theater." - 31 May 2007 - 2 points

  • Kasturika says "The movie set cannot be moved (at least not easily in practice). So the characters should be moved. The old person can be pushed back some distance, but there is a possibility that the sequence of shots will not look continuous.
If a camera is placed between the two characters then to give a little breathing space, the lens can be changed to a wider angle.
One can also take an over-the-shoulder-shot without bringing the old person within the frame by taking the camera away and changing its focal length at the same time. " - 19 June 2007 - 2 points

  • Izwah says "Just do whatever it takes to get the most appropriate shot. If nothing else is possible to be done on the current set - then simply 'cheat' it." - 12 August 2007 - 2 points

  • KinnetiK says "I would have to say my answers are 2. and 3.
I would move the actors slightly and change the lens type to create a warmer environment and to mask the fact that the actors were moved. I would also change the angle of the shot (and make that a very short scene:) )." - 27 August 2007 - 2 points