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  • Labs are also available But most are under construction (and badly in need of improvement).
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  • The number after dash "-" tells you how many are on the test:Quiz 1-3 means 3 questions are randomly selected from Quiz 1

Unit 1: Introduction to astronomy edit

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- Under construction: /Saros cycle

Unit 2: The Renaissance and the solar system edit


(the number after the dash -# indicate the number of questions from each quiz on the test)

Unit 3: Planets edit


Unit 4: Stars and beyond edit


Final Exam Study Guide Spring 2016 WSU-Lake edit

The final exam is cumulative and consists of one question from most (but not all) of the quizzes already encountered. --Unit 1: Introduction to astronomy--

--Unit 2: The Renaissance and the solar system--

--Unit 3: Planets--

--Unit 4: Stars and beyond--

Footnotes edit

  1. Someday we need to make the dashboard at Wright State University Lake Campus/Phy1060-2016-1 available. Perhaps this could be done most quickly by rewriting the source code in an open source language like Python (currently Matlab/Excel are used).
  2. This page contains a collection of readings from Wikiversity and Wikipedia, sample exams for classroom use, and the bank of questions from which these exams were constructed that serves as a very student-friendly "study guide" for each exam. Instructors may obtain multiple versions of these exams for classroom use by leaving a message at User_talk:Guy_vandegrift. The "dashboard" at Wright_State_University_Lake_Campus/Phy1060-2016-1 can help the instructor supervise the students' improvement of the course by developing quiz questions (with full explanations), labs, and by editing the reading materials. With all this work done by Wikiversity, instructors will have time focusing on helping the students learn.

Scrapbook edit

Extended content
Pages to include when the course is upgraded
  1. Chasing Pluto (created by WSU-Lake Summer School 2015)
  2. Ecliptic/Quizzes/Quiz 2 This quiz was created for How things work but will be moved to Astronomy
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Students are required to submit questions for future versions of this course. This summer (2015) the questions will not be placed on the final exam, but that policy might change next time this course is taught.

Four sample unit "midterms" and sample final exam:   T1   T2   T3   T4   final

Since these exams are posted on Wikiversity, they must be treated as samples not to be administered to students. To obtain randomized versions of these exams (with different questions), leave a message at User talk:Guy vandegrift] or send an email to Instructors will be required to provide documentation to the proper authorities showing that they are teaching the course and are affiliated with a learning institution.

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