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In this section you'll find some of the neccesary Tasks, further details of what to do please proceed to the Student Union talkpage or to the Colloquium which is closely monitored by the community.
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Student Union Tasks

Wikiversity is devoted to the joy and adventure of active learning. Explore what is of most interest to you. Ask for help. Create and join Learning Projects. Have fun.

  1. Participate
  2. Ask questions
  3. Browse Wikiversity content.
  4. Make yourself at home. Register a user name. Describe your learning goals on your user page.
  5. Wiki 101 - if you are new to wiki
  6. Be bold.
More Involvement

If you feel that you're ready to help out feel free to sign-up and register with us, registeration isn't required but it'll mean that any contributions you've made will be logged by your username and not the IP address:

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