Wikiversity:Mascot contest

Welcome to the mascot contest! Our candidates are below. Feel free to suggest or create possible Wikiversity mascots and add them to this page.

Wikiversity JackEdit

Wikiversity Jack is jolly prankster in search of new ways to explore and learn about the world. At Wikiversity, learning can be fun and allow active learners to explore their personal learning goals in a rich, education-oriented environment. Wikiversity Jack is a symbol for free and fun learning.

Jack RussellEdit

Jack the dog. I'm just hanging out, sniffing about, here and there.

The twin sisters: Vicky & VerityEdit

We twins Vicky & Verity are inseparable - we even share this account. Our aim is to help the Jacks (WikiversityJack + Jack (Russell)). btw: V. tells she likes one of the Jacks :-)

Please show us what you can make out of our user page. You will get a thank you by either me or her :-)


I'm Gustav the largest crocodile in Africa. I haven't worked out how to set up an account yet. Can anyone help me? I'm almost 100 years old, but I am most interested in Pre-school Education. I like the look of those twins. Yum Yum.

We are the goat twins. We just had our first birthday. Wikiversity Jack and Gustav scare us. We'd like to be your friends Vicky & Verity. We're lost, can anyone help us find our way around? --Bahh and Bah 15:09, 17 May 2008 (UTC)

Hi, I am Percy. Nice to meet you. I love the beach, swimming, fishing, and I am currently doing some research at Wikiversity on oceanography. I am also learning to play piano. What do you like? Can I be your mascot?

Hi, I am Draubb. It is very nice to meet you. I am a gentle and kind user and you can talk to me at my home page!. Feel free to ask me if you can let me become your mascot! I love soccer, cricket and history!

Wikiversity, Truth on a platter- would you like a taste?
Female troll sockpuppet
"Alas, poor Yorick. I trolled him into the ground. Look at the fool now!"

Mascot activity summaryEdit

User Talk Email Contribs Stats User page size Talk page size Total size All user pages
Baah and Bahh 1716 4004 5720
Gustav 55 473 528
Jack Russell 45 0 45
Percy 38 0 38
Vicky-Verity 999 1915 2914
WikiversityJack 1792 1042 2834
Draubb 25 30 55

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