A course in troll sockpuppets

Introduction edit

Pseudointellectual troll

Trolls are creatures of myth and also real denizens of the Internet. Here the two concepts meet in a series of puppet designs.

Requisite skills:

  • Good hand sewing
  • Basic wireworking
  • Basic fabric painting
  • Soft sculpture

Recommended skills:

  • Basic crochet
  • Tambour embroidery
  • Buttonhole stitch embroidery
  • Latch hook rugmaking
  • Polymer clay sculpture

Substitution suggestions are provided for instructions that use recommended skills.

Lessons edit

Sgt. Troll

Part 1: Introduction to trolling edit

Instructions for creating a troll sockpuppet.

  1. Basic trolling
  2. Feeding a troll

Part 2: How to build an army of sockpuppet trolls edit

Wardrobe and accessory designs for a rogues' gallery of sockpuppet trolls.

  1. Sgt. Troll
  2. Insecure troll
  3. Hacker troll
  4. Conspiracy theorist troll
  5. Pseudointellectual troll
  6. Pseudoscience troll
  7. Fergus MacTroll
  8. Hamlet, Prince of Trollmark
  9. Interview with a female troll
Billy the Kid

Part 3: How to kid around with a troll and feed him to the sharks edit

A guide to creating a sockpuppet theater production of "The Three Billy Goats Gruff", supplementing the troll with three goats and a set design.

  1. The Three Billy Goats Gruff
  2. Billy the Kid
  3. Medium sized billy goat
  4. Great big billy goat
  5. Set design

Part 4: Advanced trolling edit

Design advice for inventing additional trolls, puppets, and sets.

  1. Advanced trolling