Wikiversity:History of Wikiversity/Custodianship

  • August 15, 2006 Wikiversity project launch.
Cormaggio had shepherded the Wikiversity proposal through approval and he was given bureaucrat tools.
The first Colloquium thread was about the need for sysops, see this page version
The Wikiversity:Administrators page was soon started, see: day #1 version
Wikiversity:Administrator Creation and Behavioral Criteria Guidelines and Policy was started, see: day #1 version
The term "custodian" was selected to replace "administrator", see: Wikiversity talk:Custodianship#Log of freenode #wikiversity-en 8/18/06
Cormaggio suggested that Wikiversity, "have some sort of nomination system and not voting system for choosing admins", see: this chat log.
The Wikiversity:Custodianship page was started with the idea of probationary custodians. See: original version of the page
The one month duration of probationary custodianship was established on August 18, 2006, see: duration of the probationary period.
Wikiversity:List of custodian mentors started, see: day #1 version.