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Issues with categories edit

Capitalization: Wikiversity:Colloquium#Issues_with_categories...
...The convention is to use only initial caps, but there will be many exceptions and good reasons for making them. Somtimes, not establishing a convention will cause redundancy or confusion but will contribute to Wikiversities relaxed atmosphere.

A few examples:

Merging redundant categories edit

As SB_Johnny points out, there is a good reason for having both Category:Bloom Clock Project Plants and Category:Bloom clock project plants, and there may be other situations for some seemingly redundant categories such as Category:Schools and Category:Wikiversity schools. Please discuss plans for this week's category sweep at Wikiversity talk:Categories/2007/Week22.

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MediaWiki category tools edit

Special category page Notes and comments W21 W22
Special:Categories very large (one page version) ??? ???
Special:CategoryTree (from top) useful if you have a modern browser 16 18
Special:Uncategorizedcategories the root of all evil 53 53
Special:Uncategorizedimages the "back burner" thing 336 336
Special:Uncategorizedpages an evil nightmare 91 85
Special:Unusedcategories how did these get here? 78 78
Special:Wantedcategories Dead or alive? 481 486