Teemu Leinonen speaking about education and Wikiversity at Wikimania.

Wikimania 2007 was in Taipei, from 3-5 August 2007. This page is to coordinate activities at or in parallel to Wikimania that relate to Wikiversity and/or education. We should aim to also do some distance conferencing too, to allow non-local Wikians to "attend" parts of the conference.






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User:Cormaggio at Wikimania talking about Wikiversity.

Wikimania 2007, the third annual international Wikimedia conference will be held August 3-5 in Taipei, Taiwan at Chien Tan Overseas Youth Activity Center.

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There was live audio+video streams available during the Wikimania meeting sessions. You could watch the live streams using VLC media player.

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Ward Cunningham. In a WikipediaWeekly interview, Ward talked about collaborative creation of video. Video with sound in OGG file format. Help with ogg format video play. (dowload OGG format video file).

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