WikiNews2Learning regards a news as a triggering event for learning and capacity building. Applied on an Open Community Approach Wikinews and Wikiversity are connected. The news page describes the event and the wikiversity learning resources support citizens in dealing with the outcomes of the event. This includes further application of Wiki products like Wikipedia, to explain used terminology in the news and the learning resources in Wikiversity.

Use Cases edit

Imagine news about climate change, new technology, events include sometimes information, terminology or touch scientific topics that might not be clear for everyone. News can be linked to learning and capacitiy building material that allow a better comprehension or could even suggest local activities correponding to the news.

  • Hurricane is coming (News), learn about self protection (Capacity Building in Wikiversity),
  • Number of Diabetes Patients in Country X is increasing (News), learn about a diet that reduces health risk (Capacity Building)
  • News about Great Pacific Garbage Patch (News), What is that? (Wikipedia) and how can I reduce my plastic garbarge? (Wikiversity).

The big benefit of such an approach is that a certain problem, risk or event in the wiki news can be linked directly to the following:

Learning Task edit

  • (Earth Overshot Day) Analyse the web portal of Earth Overshot Day and explain how a event is linked to learning resource for children and teachers. Explain how WikiNews and Wikiversity can be used based on the concept mentioned above.
  • (Open Proposal Management) Explore research proposal for Everyone's favorite news site and try to support proposal, add comments and research questions, ... for an collaborative open development of proposal. View history of proposal so it will be transparent, "who contributed, what, when!".
  • (From News to Learning Resource) Explore the concept of Situated Learning and explain how learning resources can support comprehension of news. If news report a specific disaster a learning resource could elaborate on the technological methods support emergency response (e.g. how remote sensing can be used to create a delineation of the area, that was affected by earth quake, flood event, bush fire, ....)

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