Reader2Author describes a concept for learning resources that support readers in a receptive role to take over the role of authors in Wikiversity, Wikipedia or other wiki products. The concept extends interactive elements of learning resource (like a Quiz) to advanced authoring activities.

This learning resource introduces to that concept.



Learners face obstacles and challenges during the time in which the aquire new knowledges domains. Once the content is understood learners forget about these obstacles and challenges during the learning process. But the obstacles, challenges and misconception are valuable information for the improvement of the learning material within Wikiversity. In general the learner does not regard the information about obstacles and challenges as valuable because the obstacles and challenges seem to slow down learning speed.

Learning Tasks


As reader or learner in a Wikipedia resouce you can learn to take over the author role with the following activities:

  • Answer the questions in the learning task of Wikiversity Learning Resource and the create a Quiz refering to knowledge you gained!
  • (Typo) correct typos and add references.
  • (Quiz) Identify and correct logical errors in scientific arguments (see e.g. Mesoamercian Nephropathy - Article Version ID796764918 and analyse the logical error with comments in "talk" page)
  • (Citations) add missing or newer citations, that support content in article or show evidence, that are in contradiction to the content mentioned in the article. Learn how to cite a certain fixed version of a specific MediaWiki resouces with Cite this page (see menu on the left)
  • (Add Case-Study) Users can add a special case-study, they know about and discuss the similarities and differences to the topics already mentioned in the learning resource.
  • (Analyse Reader2Author Task) the learning tasks at the Wikiversity page about Open Educational Resources contain a learning task for readers to become an author. Analyse the way it is implemented there and explain what has to be done, when learner improve a certain article so much, that the learning task cannot applied anymore? What would you do, as an advanced Wikiversity author having the learning resource on your WatchList?

Different Authoring Activities


Learner learn being an Author: A guiding principle of risk management learning resources is, that learner are encouraged to take over the role of an author in Wikiversity. This is incorporated by different user profiles:

  • Academic Novice: e.g. look for citations to have more or updated scientific evidence for a specific content
  • Academic Intermediate: e.g. Add a section to a wikiversity learning resource based on new scientific results
  • Academic Expert: e.g. restructure a learning resource due to the evolution of content
  • General Novice User: e.g. add a new use-case of the learning resource and report difficulties in application of the learning resource and ask for improvement
  • General Intermediate: e.g. create wikiversity pages the explain the requirements and constraints of a setting in which an Open Educational Resource (OER) could support risk mitigation and risk literacy.
  • General Expert: develop, maintain, improve content in Wikiversity, design learning tasks with the educational background.

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