Space and Global Health/Contribute

This part of the learning resource guides you if you want to the Space and Global Health content in Wikiversity.

Wiki Technical Skills edit

  • Create an account in Wikiversity.
  • Learn about the syntax how editing can be performed in Wiki.

Citations and References edit

At the science policy interface there are two types of references:

  • Citation of scientific evidence,
  • Citation of United Nations resolutions,

Collaborative Work edit

Every learning resource has a Resource page and a Discuss page:

  • If you have any questions about the learning resource you can add a recommendation to the Discuss page of any article.
  • You can correct typos if you identify them even without login or improve the wording.
  • acknowledge the work of others in the history by pressing the "thank you" link behind her/his editing.
  • roll back any vandalism on pages if you identify them in the history.
  • create private quality assured versions of the page.
  • if encyclopedic references in Wikipedia are involve help to fix issues in them or update current references in the Wikipedia article.

Learning Task edit

  • Explore the concept of Reader2Author and discuss your role in that process.

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