Open Community Approach/Open Proposal Management

Open Community Approach

Definition edit

Open Proposal Management is a generalization of the concept of OpenSource and OpenContent to a collaborative effort for developing a proposal for a grant. The term “open” in Open Proposal Management refers to the community of scientists, technicians and interested participants to join and contribute to the collaborative effort. The direction and goals are determined collaboratively by all members of the community. The resulting proposal (“product”) is made available under a free license, so that other communities can adapt and build on them.

Open/Closed Development edit

  • (Closed Developement) We cannot neglect a certain competition of teams to get a certain grant or funding. Scientific Reward System implies a certain competitive setting. So a team could select a closed/private development of a proposal. There are two options to go for an Open Proposal Management.
    • publish the proposal directly after submission or
    • publish the proposal after accessment
and provide the right to the scientific community to build on the proposal.
  • (Open Developement) The proposal is open to other scientists and the development is open to other scientist to join in
    • just for improvement of the proposal itself or
    • with a large contribution join as a team member, that is willing to contribute to certain milestones of the proposed projects.

Learning Task edit

  • Analyse the project "Save the children" and use the Wikiversity infrastructure to perform an Open Proposal Management with Open Developement. Try to identify, how you could contribute to such a proposal!
  • Create open proposal based on your expertise that contributes to one or more Sustainable Development Goals. Start with your area of interest first and identify existing resources in Wikipedia and Wikiversity and assign the project goals to SDGs. Then explore options of space technology to support the approach. If you find low-cost solutions that could replace space technology or outpreform high-tech solutions, avoid space technology in the proposal. Find scientific rationals for your decision making in the proposal.
  • Explore the concept of Citizen Science explain, how citizens can contribute to data acquisition and help to generate scientific evidence.
    • In order to create a sustainable approach it is important, that citizens get or see a benefit in providing data to a information system. User do not provide personal data to internet service providers (like search engines, social media, messenger service, ...) so that the companies can create commerical benefit. User provide their personal data because they get the benefit (e.g. results for a search engine call, free messaging service, ...). Analyse the commercial approach in detail.
    • apply the commercial approach of data aquisition to an One Health approach. Explore the Open Proposal for an Citizen Observatory for Health and ENvironment (COHEN) and explain, how the citizens that contribute to data aquisition get a benefit in the context of One Health.

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