Wikiversity consist of learning resources organised in articles just like in Wikipedia. Some articles can be designed in a way that they use small sections and paragraphs that fit on slide. The whole article in Wikiversity can be fetched by Wiki2Reveal into the browser memory and is internally converted into the presentation. With the OpenSource Wiki2Reveal infrastructure the maintenance of learning resources can performed in the standard way just like any other learning resource in Wikiversity.

Course Wiki2Reveal Audio Slides
Wiki2Reveal Start Page to select the wikiversity source article
Reveal Presentation generated with Wiki2Reveal with annotations on the slides in the browser
Audacity for Recording of Audio Comments for Reveal
Wiki2Reveal Blackboard - Additional Annotations in browsers on client

Target Group edit

The target group of this learning resource is teachers and authors that want to integrate RevealJS presentations into learning resources for using in lectures in videoconferences and live annotations of provided slides or provide audio comments in conjunctions with slides for asychronous learning scenarios.

Learning Tasks edit

  • (Wiki2Reveal Example) Start example Wiki2Reveal presentation generated on-the-fly from the german Wikiversity lecture in Mathematics. Click though the slides and press "C" for some slides to create comments on the slide. Furthermore test a some pages the blackboard by pressing "B" and write on the seperate blackboard for each slide. Press reload for the Wiki2Reveal presentation and see that the annotation and handwriting on the slides persist only for the browser session and are not stored on a server (privacy for annotations).
  • (Course Pages) Create or select a course page. A course page is the root article in Wikiversity for all learning resources that are assigned to the course.
    • (Purpose of Course Pages) Course pages aggregate learning resources for the course. You can regards this page about "Wiki2Reveal" as the course page for the learning resource. Below you will find the Wiki2Revel links for this learning resource.
    • (Add Wiki2Reveal Section to Course Page) Add a new section to your course page where you want to link the different Wiki2Reveal presentations. You can create those links with Wiki2Reveal Link Creator for Course Pages[1]
  • Wiki2Reveal and Information Retrieval - This learning combine the concept Wiki based collaborative editing of Open Educational Resources with information retrieval and the application of Open Search into web-based presentation.

Course about Wiki2Reveal edit

Remarks edit

  • (Course Pages) Please do not use the course: prefix as namespace in Wikiversity to aggregate a collection of different Wiki2Reveal presentations/articles on the course page. Just use the topic of the course as header - e.g. instead of Course:Functional_Analysis use Functional Analysis as title of the learning resource and create Wiki2Reveal presentations as subpages Functional Analysis/Lesson XY of the root pages Functional Analysis, which is in general the title of a seminar or lecture. The course page contains also other non-Wiki2Reveal sources like Wikibooks (e.g. a reference to a Wikibook:Functional Analysis)
  • (Content for Root Page of Course) If content of the root pages exceed a certain length, then a course page as subpage of the root page can be created for aggregating the learning resources (e.g. Functional Analysis/Course can be used to link the Wiki2Reveal learning resources for the course and refer to specific presentations like Functional Analysis/Lesson XY).
  • (Client Rendering and Annontations on Slides - privacy of annotations) The content is fetched from the Wikiversity, but the annotations on the slides and drawings on the backboard of each slide are made in the browser of the client only. Any other call of the same presentation will not see the annotations on the slide. Also a reload of the teacher/lecturer for same presentation will delete all comments, annotations and drawings on the slides or blackboard.
  • (Logo for Wiki2Reveal) On the upper right you see a default logo, that was created for Wiki2Reveal presentations within learning resources. Please feel free to replace the logo for Wiki2Reveal by an other logo of your choice. The logo is just used that learners can distinguish between a default links in Wikiversity and a link that renders a specific Wikiversity article into a RevealJS presentation e.g. for use in a lecture or for students that want to explain a specific topic to other students.

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  1. Wiki2Reveal Course Page Link Creator (2021) GitHub Proof of concept for authoring support for Wikiversity author - Link contains the parameters for this Wiki2Reveal course page as Demo - Link in Wikiversity created by Engelbert Niehaus for learning resource - Default call: - (checked 2021/01/07)