Wiki2Reveal/Create a Presentation

Introduction edit

This ia a Wiki2Reveal Audio Slides

This is learning resource, that explains how to create a Wiki2Reveal-presentation. This page itself can be viewed as Online-presentation for educational purposes.

Learning Task edit

This learning unit shows how to create a "sample course" with Wiki2Reveal presentations. The learning unit is divided into the following substeps:

  • Create or select course page for which to create a Wiki2Reveal presentation,
  • Create a new link to a Wiki2Reveal presentation on the course,
  • Edit and test the Wiki2Reveal presentation itself.

This page is itself created as Wiki2Reveal presentation.

Wiki2Reveal Icon - Test size 50px in presentation

Step 1 - Create or select course page edit

Usually a course page

  • is created or
  • an existing course page is used.

In this learning resource we will learn to add link for a Wiki2Reveal presentation to the course page with the Wiki2Reveal-Link tool[1].

Step 1.1 - Explore exiting Course Pages edit

(Example course page) A course pages contains the references to all the learning resources. The Wiki2Reveal presentation will be the linked from the course page. As an example of such a course page you can visit a course page of a lecture in mathematics, that was used as a environment for testing in real lecture with Videoconferencing, use of breakout room and collaborative whiteboards in BigBlueButton.

Wiki2Reveal Frame Icon - Test size 125px in presentation

Step 1.2 - Select your Course Page edit

Assume you have already an existing course with learning resources in Wikiversity. Now navigate to the page a section with the name Wiki2Reveal Presentations to the cause page. Now we add a link for your first Wiki2Reveal presentation on your course page. We call the first Wiki2Reveal presentation "My Course/First Lesson" and course has the name "My Course". The course page "My Course" exists in Wikiversity but the subpage "My Course/First Lesson" will be created in the step. For now we just create a new article in Wikiversity that contains the course material.

Step 1.2 - Create your Course Page edit

If you to establish a new course with Wiki2Reveal presentations you would create a course page with a standard procedure as you would normally create a new learning resource in Wikiversity. Now we add a description and the target group for the course page and add a section for the Wiki2Reveal presentations. At first we will add a link to new Wiki2Reveal presentation to the course page. We can add generate a link to the course page which allows to start Wiki2Reveal Presentation directly from the course page (Wiki2Reveal-Link tool[1]).

Step 1.3 Add Wiki2Reveal Link to Course Page edit

The course page contains the links to all learning resources that are used in the course (links to interactive learning environments e.g. Geogebra, 3D Models, ... The new Wiki2Reveal presentation for "My Course/First Lesson" is just one of the available learning resources for the course. In general the course page contains a list of Wiki2Reveal presentations - see Course page Example of a German mathematics lecture. The Wiki2Reveal-Link tool[1] can be used to create the Wiki2Reveal link for the course page. The Wiki2Reveal-Link tool is populated with the settings of this learning resource, so that you can explore the results of clicking on the link.

Step 2: Create the Wiki2Reveal Source Page edit

In general a Wiki2Reveal is just a standard Wikiversity page. The only difference is that the sections are created in way that the content of the section fits on RevealJS page.

Editing the Wiki2Reveal edit

  • Create sections and subsections on your "Lesson 1" page in the usual way. Every section will be regarded as a single slide.
  • Make sure that the contents of the sections do not contain too much text or images, so that the text elements and image also fit on a slide page in Wiki2Reveal.
  • add a Wiki2Reveal footer on the "Lesson 1" page so that learners can start the Wiki2Reveal presentation from the standard display of the Wikiversity article.

Add a Wiki2Reveal Footer edit

At very end of the Wikiversity page you add a Wiki2Reveal footer, which contains a link to preview the current Wikiversity page als Wiki2Reveal presentation.

Online Tools for Wiki2Reveal edit

Remark edit

The course page for this Wikiversity article that is currently displayed was also used for linking to Wiki2Reveal presenation for this Wikiversity page (see Wiki2Reveal icon on Wiki2Reveal course page).

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This page was created as Wiki2Reveal presentation.

Wiki2Reveal edit

The Wiki2Reveal slides were created for the Course:Wiki2Reveal' and the Link for the Wiki2Reveal Slides was created with the course link generator.

References edit

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