Wiki2Reveal/Information Retrieval

Introduction edit

In the learning module we will combine the dynamic presentation of Wikiversity learning resource into Wiki2Reveal with Information Retrieval of an Open collaboratively maintained web search with community management.

  • Wiki is a collaborative tool to edit content in Wikiversity educational content.
  • RevealJS is webbased presentation,
  • Search is used to identify up-to-date information from search engines.

In this learning resource we address on-the-fly conversion into a web-based presentation that can be annotated in a browser with an information retrieval part embedded in the presentation.

Search Request Integration edit

The information retrieval part could address:

  • list of the most recent publications e.g. on the research topics that are addressed in the learning resource (e.g. on CRISPR-CAS,
  • Search retrieval for 3D-Models that allow in visual exploration and provide additional educational material for a learning content, could be visualized with an EXPLORE 3D button in learning resource

The benefit of this approach would be that explore button would provide current results compared to manually maintained list of educational content - e.g. manually maintained list of 3D models or manually maintained list peer-reviewed journals for CRISPR-CAS

Learning Tasks edit

  • Compare manually create list of learning objects listed on a Wikiversity page with lists of learning objects created by a search request to specific search engine for learning resources.
  • How could you create a search request integrated in a learning resources that provides images from Wiki Commons for specific topic (e.g. Images of 3D-models for cities]. Explore the search results and explain, what are the challenges, benefits and drawbacks to get the lastest and most relevant 3D models for the learning resource without listing the learning resource manually?

Technical Implementation edit

Imported fetched from the current version of the Wiki-Article. Open Search request means that the search request is performed on a community maintained web index e.g. about 3D models that share e.g. the Creative Commons licensing model with Wikiversity or fetch the most recent scientific results from a repository with development would change the presentation and combine community driven content development in a Wiki with up to date Search results in the presentation. So combine a fetch mechanism from Wikiversity with code chunks in the raw document that represent an information retrieval from a web index. Automated machine learning text block generation for presentation can be used to generate content elements for slides for Wiki2Reveal. Benefits of the search application is to get the up-date scientific results in the Wiki2Reveal application.

Transparency - Learning Tasks edit

The user of such a Wiki2Reveal presentation should transparently see, which content elements in Wiki2Reveal presentation are generated by information retrieval and which content elements are based on fetch mechanism on community based collaborative editing of content.

  • What are requirements and constraints for combination of information retrieval and collaborative content editing?
  • What are challenges of bringing pure search results into educational documents? What are the requirements and constraints for an Web Index that is the foundation for the search results?
  • Discuss in general the use of search results into learning resources and the relevance of transparency for the underlying Web Index and awareness knowledge for the generation of search results.
  • What are the requirements and constraints for the application of search results in educational resources?

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