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Peace of mind, Inner Peace edit

Contemplating the beauty of this lotus flower may calm your mind.

A quiet mind, and human wholeness, are available through controlling discursive thought and developing nondiscursive perception. Like learning to walk or to talk, using the mind well is a matter of patient repeated efforts.

The way in which we experience life is created from within us. Our life experience is the result of what we pay attention to, how we perceive external events, our internal states of mind, our stream of consciousness, and how we react to those events. Our experience of life is created from the inside, not from the outside.

Understanding what you can change and what you cannot change is the simple but often difficult path to inner peace.

Assignment 1: edit

  • Study Wikiversity course on What You Can Change and What You Cannot.
  • Reflect on the various frustrations in your life, and work to identify the causes of those frustrations.
  • Examine the list of conditions that are causing you frustration. Determine what items on the list you can change and what items you cannot change.
  • Accept the things you cannot change.
  • Gather the courage you need to change the things you can change.
  • Choose serenity.

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