Viticulture is the study of grapes and how they grow.

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Topics include varietal selection, site selection, site preparation, equipment, first season establishment, vine growth development and training, trellis systems, vine propagation, weed control, and vine disease control.

Grapevine Biology Edit

Varieties, rootstocks, clones, physiology and biochemistry of grapevine growth and fruit maturation; soil science, winter hardiness; grapevine propagation.

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Cultural Practices Edit

Site selection, pruning, training, canopy management, crop control, mechanization, soil management and vineyard establishment.

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Climate and Winegrape Production Edit

Climatological aspects of winegrape production emphasizing selected wine regions of the world. Effects of climate, weather-related diseases, topography, soil and viticultural practices on winegrape production.

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Introduction to Soil Science Edit

Physical, chemical, biological and hydrological processes within the soil system, their interrelation and relation between these processes and the potential use of the soil.

'Soil and the environment' 'The makeup of soil' 'The vine root habitat' 'How the soil supplies nutrients' 'Nutrients for healthy vines and good wines' 'Soil/water/vine relationships and water management' 'Soil quality in vineyards' 'Site selection and soil preparation' 'Soil and wine'

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Grape Pest Management Edit

Biology and dynamics of grapevine pest activity - insects, diseases, weeds, nematodes, vertebrates. Integrated pest management approach looking at all aspects of control chemical, biological, cultural. Application techniques, pest identification and monitoring.

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