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Welcome to the Wikiversity of Plant Sciences

The Wikiversity of Plant Sciences opened recently to replace the former wikiversity of Botany which was empty. It was called Plant Sciences and not Botany, because Botany is a part of plant sciences, in which there are a lot of different things like molecular biology which don't really fit in Botany. The aim of this Wikiversity is to provide a platform to write wikibooks and provide home-made and up to date lectures/reviews on plant sciences for students as well as for plant scientists. At first, already available online data and teaching resources will be indexed and some potential contributors contacted to introduce them the project. This wikiversity aims to attract a living and dynamic plant sciences community, particularly some "experts"/academic in order to develop projects similar to the Living Reviews concept

So, let's open the department of plant sciences with a few lectures for the next term. Thanks to the power of the web (and the wiki!!) we have access to some of the best teachers. All the data below is from groups or individuals who uploaded their lecture notes or slideshow online. The Portal:Plant Sciences gives all the credit for the work to their authors and thanks them for providing public access to high quality work.

No exams for the moment, just try to learn ;)

Arabidopsis root development. A review.

Coming soon!!!