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  • SB_Johnny | talk: Happy to help, my background is in horticulture and agriculture.
  • Charley Quinton | talk: I am bioneer working on urban planning initiatives geared toward sustainability and ecoscience. I am particularly interested in urban agriculture, aquaculture, plant and soil science, biophysics, urban microtransport systems – thus a new eco-logistical model for developing and re-develping both urban and rural economies.
  • Since 25 October 2013‎ with contributions to Botany --Marshallsumter (discusscontribs) 23:16, 14 May 2018 (UTC).
  • Atlas.Spheres My background is in biogeography and global change ecology.

Inactive participantsEdit

  • alettaka | talk: I have studied plant breeding and molecular plant virology, and am willing to help.
  • sonicbiology | talk: I am interested in plantlore, especially the medicinal uses of plants.  My knowledge base includes a few medicinal plants of Guatemala and the US, a few food plants of the US, and a little botany, as well as a summer of experience on a natural farm.
  • -User:Wikicollege creator DS07 this is really Pika64eBay! This is just a pseudenoym!
  • User:Pika64eBay  Hey yo! I'm back! I am intrested very much canrivorous plants (examples: Venus's Fly Trap, Sundew)
  • Trinity507 - my field of interest/some knowledge is ethnobotany, but I'd like to learn more about plants in general. I also do a lot of "practical horticulture", a.k.a. gardening. :-) I founded the ethnobotany department in the School of Ethnology. It's an interdisciplinary subject so I'll link a lot of the resources here.