Using advanced features of computer applications

From the official document:

Teaching your computer to do new tricks. Original image: 'Gee Three Pee' by: Fernando de Sousa
"This unit defines the competency required to use computer applications employing advanced features."

Basically, that means pushing your familiar word processing, spreadsheet or database application a little bit harder than the average user - unlocking and using those features that everyone pays for, but few know about.

You can read more about this unit on the National Training Information Systems Official document for ICAU3126A.

This unit is part of the following qualifications:

How this unit will help you edit

After learning and applying the skills required by this unit you'll be able to demonstrate your skills in:

  • Creating and employing objects (buttons, drop down lists, etc.), macros and templates for routine activities
  • Using shortcuts and features to increase productivity
  • Import and export data in a variety of formats
  • Link and embed data from one application into another.
  • Using on-line help, manuals and training booklets to overcome difficulties with applications
  • Accessing technical support for system problems using troubleshooting results and alert messages

Ideas for learning the required skills edit

Microsoft Office edit

Finding Help edit

Templates edit

Macros edit edit

Finding Help edit

  • - one of the best supported forums on the web
  • In any office application click on Help | Help or press F1 to open the OOo help pages. OOo contains help for Writer, Calc, Base, Basic, Draw, Math, and Impress.

Templates edit

Macros edit

link title

Exercises edit

Try these Applications_Challenges

Ideas for demonstrating this unit edit

The best way to demonstrate these skills is to create some simple macros and templates and attach them to buttons and/or keyboard shortcuts. Some ideas for projects:

  • automate the import or export of data in different formats
  • make a shortcut that adds your name and address to a document
  • create a lookup (pivot) table from some data
  • running a mail merge from a database or spreadsheet

You might also write some user instructions for a complicated or advanced process (such as nested if statements in a spreadsheet or doing a mail merge)

Grading edit

If you are demonstrating this unit as part of a formal course, you might find that the unit is graded (meaning you can not only demonstrate your competence, but can also gain a credit or distinction). Your facilitator may already have set criteria that your college uses. If not, here are some ideas for possible credit/distinction activities that you can discuss with your facilitator:

  • ...

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