Cert III Applications Qualification in Australia

Qualification name: ICA30105 - Certificate III in Information Technology - Applications Stream

"This qualification provides the skills and knowledge for an individual to be competent in introductory ICT 'technical' functions and is designed to support information activities in the workplace and to achieve a degree of self-sufficiency as an advanced ICT 'user'."

The applications stream:

"Provides skills in advanced use of applications and could provide basic application software support within an organisation. This stream may provide for natural progression into several Certificate IV in IT qualifications including Multimedia or Programming."


There are 6 core units for the Applications stream of the Cert III I.T. qualification; 4 specialist units and 7 electives (some of which are also prerequisites for other units). For more detailed information about this qualification you can either find the qualification in the official ICA05 Training Package PDF (note: it is huge) or browse the conveniently accessible Certificate III in Information Technology page at ICA05 - Deconstructed.

Core Units


The following 10 core units are made up of the 6 common core units (common to all Certificate III IT streams), and the 4 core units for the Applications stream.

Note: the small box after each unit indicates the completion status of the unit description.

Electives for the Applications stream


Prerequisite units


A number of units within this qualification have prerequisites. These are detailed as follows:


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