Australian Vocational Education and Training/ICAD3218A Create user documentation

From the official document:

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"This unit defines the competency required to create user documentation that is clear to the target audience and is easy to navigate."

Basically, that means ... (translate above into plain english)

You can read more about this unit on the National Training Information Systems Official document for ICAD3218A.

Also see the wikiversity Introduction to Technical Writing course.

This unit forms part of the following qualifications:

How this unit will help you


After learning and applying the skills required by this unit you'll be able to demonstrate your skills in:

1. Determine documentation standards and requirements
  1. Determine documentation requirements
  2. Investigate documentation and industry standards for requirements and determine appropriate application to user documentation
  3. Design documentation templates using appropriate software and obtain approval from appropriate person
2. Produce user documentation
  1. Conduct a review of the subject system, program, network or application in order to understand its functionality
  2. Gather existing technical, design or user specifications and supporting documentation
  3. Create user documentation based on template to record the operation of the subject system, program, network or application
3. Review and obtain sign off
  1. Submit user documentation to target audience for review
  2. Gather and analyse feedback
  3. Make changes to user documentation
  4. Submit user documentation to appropriate person for approval
  • translate the above elements and performance criteria into plain english and summarise here...

Ideas for learning the required skills


Ideas for demonstrating this unit


The best way to demonstrate these skills is to acquire understanding of online and printed documentation



If you are demonstrating this unit as part of a formal course, you might find that the unit is graded (meaning you can not only demonstrate your competence, but can also gain a credit or distinction). Your facilitator may already have set criteria that your college uses. If not, here are some ideas for possible credit/distinction activities that you can discuss with your facilitator:

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